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Midnight Oud (Eau de Parfum) by Ard Al Zaafaran
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Midnight Oud (Eau de Parfum) is a popular perfume by Ard Al Zaafaran for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is spicy-woody. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Oregano, Pimento
Heart Notes Heart NotesAmber, Opoponax, Frankincense, Cistus
Base Notes Base NotesLeather, Oud, Patchouli, Sandalwood



8.6 (45 Ratings)


8.6 (43 Ratings)


8.0 (42 Ratings)


7.8 (43 Ratings)
Submitted by Carlitos01, last update on 16.02.2020.
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5.0 10.0 10.0 8.0/10

0 Reviews
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One sprayer or more..
When I wore this fragrance for the first time, I was fascinated by the durability and sillage. A perfume for this price with such a performance, makes me think again and again about whether expensive niche fragrances are justified their price.
The incense comes very much to validity however is not too importunate. But also other components like the fresh one are not left out of the fragrance. All in all this fragrance is very special so a test before would be advisable but also a blind purchase would not be too bad at this price For me, one of my best blinds
8.0 7.0 8.0 8.5/10

2 Reviews
Excellent! it s still a clone, but a great fragrance anyway
It is difficult to explain the fragrance, it is quite unique and it is much easier to go to a perfume shop and try Amouage Interlude for Men.
Not a easy and wearable fragrance, but very luxurious and complex. You will stand out from the mass fragrances, as this is something unusual.
In short, a great clone of Amouage Interlude, differences:
- a touch more sweetness compared to Interlude after 1 hour;
- slight sense of cannabis like smell in the opening, disappearing after 1 hour - which i cant smell in Interlude;
- drydown is more sweet and not very complex and refined as Amouage.

- longevity - my skin 6/8 hrs - clothes 24hr.
- projection - my skin 2/3 hrs - clothes 8 hrs.
After 2/3 hrs the projection is almost gone, still u ve a few cms bubble around you which is kind of sweet.

ps. I have just tried also Swiss Arabian shaghaf oud abyad, differences:
- not as sweet as Midnight Oud, a bit more similar to Interlude with less smoke;
- Midnight oud has slightly better performance, probably due to its sweetness in the drydown.
9.0 7.0 8.0 9.0/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    28
I will keep it - even after the Candlemas !
Christmas is over, for good! Depending on liking, habit and region, the tree still fell in the old year, in many cases until New Year's Eve, but at the latest then on 06.01. to "Epiphany". At home, like every year, we proceeded in stages. The fir tree is promptly located for firewood in the garden and the dismantling of our extensive decoration, including the many candle arches in the windows, follows little by little. The large, carved Greifenstein miner's pyramid and the Raachermannln from the Ore Mountains form the finale and are safely packed until 02.02. (Candlemas).

Last weekend was Candlemas and following the habit we went to store. It is common practice to open all used raaachermantles again and let their fine smell work close to the nose. For the different types of Raacherkerzle we also have different males. Of the several dozen candles burned over the Advent season, we prefer above all incense, sandalwood, spicy orient, forest honey, moss and black forest.

Vis-à-vis the opened Mannln on the table, an intense, smoky-spicy scent of smoked wood combined with a strong, caramel honey sweetness, deep, dark, delicious and inviting. A reddish-black layer of tar is already burned into the wood and one can easily distinguish between incense, sandalwood, honey and oriental traachermannl.

Next to it is an old, small GDR tin house, the smoking place for every day, while the wooden figures only come to the Eisatz on Advent or Christmas Eve. The Blechhäusel smokes more violently, faster and hotter, so that all kinds and much larger numbers of pieces may spread their flavours. The tar layer is thick, partly sticky, partly glassy hard. Her scent is a beautiful twin of Midnight Oud.

Meanwhile the noble, blue bottle of the perfume stands in the middle of the Erzgebirge Christmas incense and cuts an excellent figure. The direct comparison confirms the smells amazingly. Midnight Oud opens as a powerful, very multi-layered, complex, sweet-caramel incense wood scent with a very spicy, aromatic oriental and balsamic charm. The piquant, peppery incense, the creamy sweetness and the beguiling smoky wood dominate and remain dominant. The mysterious, soothing warmth increases slightly as the session progresses and accompanies us smoothly and velvety with a seductive effect until the end. This can easily take eight to ten hours, whereby the environment of the wearer is well involved, especially in the first third.

If an odour like the one representing the Midnight Oud is characteristic for good oud aroma, without any fecal note or suffocating smoke, I like to keep it as a reference. Especially because it gives me the possibility, similar to the ghost or djinn out of the lamp, to conjure up my Raachermanln all year round with their beguiling fragrance out of the bottle. For this reason Midnight Oud also receives the rating nine.

But to simply wear the perfume myself becomes a real problem for me. Except around the campfire, for a wonderful asado or for smoking fish and sausages, I can think of no other place that tolerates such a determining smoky wood aroma. What still remains is the previously hidden possibility of using the direct play of intimate togetherness. This is theoretically, because of the, in my opinion, extremely erotic effect of the fragrance, quite given. But practical? Honestly, who thinks about perfume when it comes to the point?!!

I hope you enjoyed my contribution and thank all readers for their time!
25 Replies
10.0 8.0 8.0 10.0/10

1 Review
In love
I honestly can't express how nice this smells.
It makes me feel like a vanilla ice cream with incense on top. Compared to oudh 24 it is a lot less sweet and more masculine IMO. But it can totally work as a unisex perfume.

Overall though this is Just great, good projection with only one spray..will have to see how long it lasts.
6.0 6.0 7.0 5.0/10

14 Reviews
Test before you buy
Do not blindly buy, even if it has a great price.

On my skin very smokey, usually dry sometimes with light hints of sweetness. It can remind you smoked marshmallows.

Not easy to wear, hard to match with the proper occasion. But I guess that this type of fragrance has some fans
And I agree when you smell it, they are not bad just not in my type. I'm just wondering how you can them unisex
8.0 10.0 10.0 10.0/10

0 Reviews
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Helpful Review    5
A wonderful fragrance of the very best kind
EdP 100ml for 20 Euro. I figured he couldn't be much at that price. I was very much mistaken. To my advantage. It is fresh, spicy, slightly sweetish, woody, incense and leathery. Very complex. It has a very long shelf life and is well present without being obtrusive. He's very popular with the ladies. You should definitely try this scent. I have already tested fragrances which are sold for umpteen times the price, but are not that good by far.
This fragrance shows me clearly that very good fragrances don't have to be expensive/high priced.

With kind regards
4 Replies
8.0 5.0 8.0 6.0/10

0 Reviews
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Much expected and ..
and then get a scent sample.
He was suggested to me when they talked about Tom Ford's Oud Wood.
According to the motto: "You want real Oud? Then go for Midnight Oud instead of Oud Wood."
So I bought a bottling and compared both: clearly Midnight Oud is much spicier and more distinctive. In my eyes, actually no Unisexparfum at all, because I find it really very smoky.
However, I must say that I personally (just in direct comparison to Oud Wood) find it a little too hard for you me. You certainly have to dose it sparingly, but I almost had the feeling as if I had been sitting at the campfire for hours and my clothes were now smelling a little smoky. So rather unpleasant.
I believe that it is also a type question to which person he fits well.

Conclusion: very smoky / spicy, but I prefer to stay with Oud Wood
3 Replies
6.0 8.0 8.0 10.0/10

1 Review
strange but great
Complicated aroma, nothing to do with any perfume I have, oriental included. The smell of pimento at the exit is very prominent, then it softens, the spices appear. I don't know very well what the oud smells like, but I do notice the frankincense, very smoky notes, the earthy aroma of patchouli, a light sweet tone that should be the cystus. The truth is that the more I smell it the more I like it. Now we only have to try it when I have the chance since it is a perfume that costs to find the situation to dress it.
10.0 10.0 10.0 10.0/10

13 Reviews
Ordered from India at the world’s biggest auction page.
For 48AUD this is the best choice.
In my country(HU) you barely get mainstream designer fragrances for that price, and they are only 30ml.

I’ve heard a lot about Amouage Perfumes, and dreamed to get one of it.
In Parfumo found this, as the best alternative.

Firstly I purchased a roll-on bottle for bucks(maybe 5€ incl. shipping from UK). It wasn’t as potent as attars of other arabian perfumeries, but it’s complexity amazed me at first sniff.

To my birthday decided to get the EDP spray version, and didn’t regret buying it.
It’s performance beats any designer perfumes I’ve got in my collection.

Safe blind buy. If you are interested in, don’t hesitate.

Happby birthday herkules!
10.0 8.0 10.0 10.0/10

0 Reviews
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Helpful Review    8
Magic love
After the many reviews on oud fragrances here, it was clear to me: need something like this!
Curiosity overpowered me and led me to a blind buy! Like so many times. If you read here very attentively and also look at the respective users then more exactly and look at their collection, that is for me meanwhile the approach to buy a fragrance. So correct Klogriff (Knize Forest perhaps) was not yet thereby..
I also find it very exciting! Did the research go well, too? How's that gonna smell now? As with film adaptations of books...
I wouldn't do that with expensive fragrances starting at 100 €. Only at 25 € in online trading? Who cares a fuck?
So press the buy me button!
When the parcel arrived, I was first of all totally surprised by the really high-quality presentation and the bottle! This performance is fantastic!
What about the scent? Baby, the scent??
So because I don't know any other oud scent, I don't find any cross-references now either... So please don't stone me who this one can still be topped.
So now we're going right into the clouds!
Are you disturbed?
Is there?
An incredible club!
The first time Kouros and Gucci pour Homme (2007) I had a similar club experience!
Mighty Geil!
The first thing that went through my brain was:
"I just want to fuck myself!"
For me an incredibly sensual and hallucinatory fragrance!
So that's Oud! Yay! That's what I need!
Also don't find any associations to it, because I smelled Oud for the first time!
Thank God this club will ebb pretty soon and the drydown is wonderful for me! Very Vannille-heavy and also some incense!
Sandalwood even perceptible to me.
Very, very erotic. However, the club feeling gives way to a wonderfully warming feeling. Security that at the same time holds the promise of a wild night!
And not as strongly polarizing as you first thought!
And yes, I admit it openly! Addicted to this scent!
Can I recommend this fragrance without reservation? Necessary
A bean counter with a stick in his ass who has to read a book to flirt with strange women is definitely not in the target group! Neither is a boy!
The scent is really sex!
And sex is one of those things... So the scent doesn't go with a quickie, not with a beer-bellied Teuton in Thailand, not with flower sex and not with any narcissistic porn gerackere...
The fragrance matches the sex that fuses. Where tenderness leads to ecstasy. Where desire ends in deep security.
Accordingly, the fragrance is also limited in portability.
Not in the office. Certainly not on shift. Rarely at home!
Often at special evenings with the sweetheart.
Always on an adventure! Always with the woman who conquers your heart!
If someone wants to do a test run with Oud: 100% recommendation!
Price and performance are overwhelming!!!!

Song to it: ELIF - Under my skin
4 Replies
8.0 10.0 10.0 10.0/10

0 Reviews
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Incredibly complex
Where do I start
I heard a lot about Amouage Interlude and one day I went to the perfumery and tested it.
I have to say, I honestly found it really disgusting on the test strip.
Then I read about midnight oud and thought, okay, give the whole thing a chance for that bit of money,
So I bought it.

When the perfume arrived, I was extreeeeeeeem curious.
The packaging is a tribute to amouage.
It looks very similar to the whole thing.
The golden plaque reminds of tom ford
The logo on amouage
The bottle itself, valuable, heavy, the lid also heavy and valuable.
Unbeatable for the price class.

So now a spray on the arm and it came back as with amouage

The opening

Extremely blatant smoky odor.
You can smell incense. Extreme.
But after a few minutes

Dry Down

One smells the incense, and yet something sweet is slowly coming.
I'm waiting anxiously ...

After several hours then slowly

It gradually gets sweeter and sweeter and reminds me personally of tabacco vanillie by tom Ford.
As the previous speaker said, the incense can be smelled all the time, but it dies off a bit after several hours, so that the base appears well.
I must say by now
I love it!

It really is a very complex scent of herbaceous, smoky and sweet notes.
Who should dare thus the blinkauf, waits also if it takes, he becomes after the time extremely horny!!!
Price performance is unbeatable.
Regarding durability I have to say that the fragrance is still perceptible even after a good 8 hours of work.

Clear recommendation to buy
3 Replies
7.0 8.0 9.0 9.5/10

0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    13
"Schorsch, it burns!"
Recently in an allotment garden in southern Hesse. Schorsch, a proud new tenant of a piece of land, shows his friend Heiner his realm and shows him around.
Heiner: "Such a beautiful piece of Gadde hasde now?! Isch bin rischdisch jealous!"
Schorsch: "Come on, Heiner, you should always come and visit! Awwer would be dearest to me, when the first mol would help me to clear the whole Kerschel away from the previous owner. The gonze is in the hut, that's where the gonze is. I'll get you out of this, and you'll be in a bunch. Maybe we could use some more ebbes dadevon..."
Heiner: "Ei gud, ich stell misch in Bosition!"

Schorsch disappears into the hut, his friend takes a stand between the hut and a piece of lawn.

Schorsch:" Look emol, here comes a whole swing full of wood. Oops! E bissi of it is already quite hollow and wishy?! The hugely funny!"

Schorsch hands Heiner a load of exotic woods that smell a little unusual. Heiner lays them out extensively on the lawn.

Schorsch: "Now we're getting some funny leather stools. Ha, there's a camel in there! That can moin brother hawwe, the basst! Ah, the hodd only three Baa left, mer could not need more..."

Heiner receives the stool and places it on the wood. Unfortunately the thick leather of the seat upholstery bursts open and the sawdust filling spreads over the stack of wood that has already come to rest there.

Schorsch: "Now comes a funny bun, there's something about 'Afghan' in it. Is that maybe dog hair?"

Heiner takes the bag with indefinable content and carefully sniffs at it.

Heiner: "The awwer doesn't even riescht after dog. My forest dud annerst riesche!"
Schorsch: "Your Waldi is also a Daggel! An Afghan is an exotic dog! It's also exodic!

Heiner carefully places the bag with indefinable contents on the heap. In the meantime it has become hot and the sun is burning. In southern Hesse, too, one has recently to come to terms with extremely high temperatures.

Heiner: "It's become very hot! Hammer still much?"
Schorsch: "Naa, a lot of yarn. There's another dipper here, there's something in there. Mmmhh, caramel!"
Heiner: "What do you do then? You're not going to nibble, are you? Who was how long of the already there leije dud! Think of your train!"

Schorsch hands him the pot outside and wipes the caramel remains off his mouth with a handkerchief.

Schorsch: "Now we have more than just a bit of savory cabbage and irschend so e Zeusch was mei Mardda always in the Spaghettisoß' dud."

Heiner also receives this load of some dehydrated green stuff and puts it on the pile. That seems to be it.

Oh, not at all.

Schorsch: "Here's another huge Zidrone!"

Heiner also puts them on the pile and stops pondering for a moment in front of it. The hot sun burns shimmering from the sky, a big bird draws its circles. It's quiet, only a few crickets can be heard. Suddenly Heiner seems alarmed. He gets closer to the stack and finds horrified:

"Schorsch, there's a fire!!"

Schorsch comes shot out of the hut and now both stand in front of a blazing fire. All the beautiful treasures burn and smoke in front of you, whole swaths run through the garden.

Schorsch: "Don't worry about it. The whole rubbish was so gudd together, that we put us now danewwer unner de Sonnescherm!"
No sooner said than done. Now both sit peacefully in the shade, have a ribbed one in their hands, drink apple wine and inhale with relish and relax the sweet smoke that rises from all the treasures.
And if they haven't gone home, then they're still sitting today...

First a small apology to the inclined readers from the region mentioned above:
I have tried to reproduce my second mother tongue somewhat true to the original, but as with dialects, there are no fixed orthographic rules.
Be indulgent with me ;)

Midnight Oud was a spontaneous blind purchase on my part and probably one of the best I have ever made. Schorsch and Heiner have put everything I can smell on their pyre in reverse order, but I have to say quite clearly, it actually smells like smoke all the time. It is sweet smoke (caramel), which is accompanied at the beginning by something citrus. Asparagus herb and oregano are, in my opinion, just one aspect of the special oud used here, combined with really good incense. The herbaceous note disappears later, the incense woodiness remains. I also mean to smell out some cumin, but only briefly and quite weakly, so he didn't find his way to the pile. But there is something single and animal about it, which remains the same during the whole development, but is rather weak. The scent lasts on my skin about 8 hours, but becomes very close after three hours. But before he does, he'll burn down everything he's got! I advise all lovers of smoky-woody-sweet oud scents to test, the quality is excellent and the price is "hot"!
5 Replies


Mihaiu 118 days ago
heavy, VERY SPICY & incensy oud wood. lead actor is the spicy note dry CUMIN. for men+2
Darkbeat 7 months ago
Hallucinatory!! a drier reinterpretation of Interlude Man, with a fairly high performance, highly recommended for oriental lovers.+1

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