06.10.2021 - 12:50 PM
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Best of 2021 so far

In my case. This is my love. Tobacco and leather together. Long lasting and I can smell it all day. For me fragrances need to be smelt by the wearer and those around otherwise what's the point. For the house this is a cheap release but the quality is superb. This is not for young men. This is for 30 plus men who love to smell manly. This really does smell manly and is one of the best of the year so far. Very nice fragrance.

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GilesGiles 23 days ago
1991 - L'Essence de L'Explorance - YVRA

1991 - L'Essence de L'Explorance Nice but very common
A nice citrus & woody based scent good for a summer's day. It reminds me of many citrus scents and so is not very unique. Worth a miniature of but not a full bottle. If you like Ambra Calabria you will like this but does not have the same projection....

GilesGiles 28 days ago
Terroni - Orto Parisi

Terroni Are you joking?
Now look. I have some very potent and individual fragrances in my collection. Please do not even compare this to Black Afgano, there is no comparison. This is just truly awful. Smells revolting and the worst thing is it is impossible to wash off....