Plumeria de Orris by Areej Le Doré

Plumeria de Orris 2019

06.03.2021 - 01:56 AM

Horrid stuff

I blind bought this, as I LOVE plumeria. I have smelled lots and lots of it in real life, worn leis in Hawaii made from the precious flowers. This smells absolutely *nothing* like plumeria. Plumeria is all it's own flower. It is not like jasmine, ylang ylang, gardenia nor any other flower, really. It's sweeter and not indolic. Just apples and oranges with those other flowers. I don't even smell any flowers at all here. Maybe dried ones along with ordinary joss sticks. Some civet comes out in the base, and then I like the perfume better, but overall this was a terrible blind buy. I will be selling my full bottle for a very high price because, no doubt, there is actually someone who would pay twice the price that I paid for this awful stuff. Which is fine, as they may think it's worth it, and they are entitled to their thoughts on it. If you've got $300 and live in the US, I have a full bottle waiting for you!

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