Triumph of Bacchus (Eau de Parfum) by Argos

Triumph of Bacchus 2019 Eau de Parfum

02.07.2020 - 05:28 AM

Argos Triumph Of Bacchus

Fell in love upon first application. I'm not usually a fan of tobacco based fragrances but this one took my breath away. Bought a full bottle immediately & waited 3.5 months for it to arrive. I guess it sells out fast & I can see why. This juice is devine. Such a complex blend of oils that are simply blended to perfection. Tobacco isn't too leafy, yet smooth & sweet. The green apple, white peach, rum & vetiver are star players in the top end & then the amber, sandalwood and musk kicks in with slight whiffs of Tonka. Later in the dry down something magical happens when that heavenly addition of patchouli, vanilla and jasmine kicks in. Phenomenal quality fragrance not to be missed. Christian has hit a home run with this one. This is one of those frags that you continously get whiffs of throughout the day. Not a loud fragrance at all but definitely stays with you for a solid 10+ hours before it starts to sit closer to the skin but i found it stays on my clothes until I wash them. Endless compliment getter with this one & no doubt it's quickly become one of my all time favorites. Don't hesitate to sample...
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