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Shades Wood by Armaf
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Shades Wood is a popular perfume by Armaf for men and was released in 2013. The scent is woody-floral. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesCitric notes, Rose, Geranium
Heart Notes Heart NotesClove, Cumin, Pepper
Base Notes Base NotesCedarwood, Oud, Sandalwood



7.5 (41 Ratings)


8.2 (38 Ratings)


7.8 (37 Ratings)


6.7 (43 Ratings)
Submitted by Apicius, last update on 13.10.2019
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8.0 9.0 7.0/10

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A tribute to Charles Goodyear and vulcanization
Please, can someone please tell me - what was the occasion for this perfume?
According to the ingredients, this fragrance promises a beautiful course of fragrance. I love citric notes, rose geranium, clove, oud anyway, cedarwood and sandalwood too. A great combination! That appeals to me and that would actually be an oud candidate for my collection.

Only the result looks completely different than expected.

Immediately after the first application it is very intensely smoky, quite sweet and woody. This is not a symphony, but the opposite - a cacophony. That word already says it all...

It smells really dirty and strangely inappropriate like roses. In addition there is an, for me unpleasant note of rubber and rubber tyres.

And here I see the following picture. Charles Goodyear experimented with sulphur and rubber, missing the whole mixture on the hot plate. This is how the elastic rubber substance is created and the whole process is called vulcanization.

That's how I see the birth of this perfume. Surprisingly, this sweet woody rubbery smell lasts long! He also has a good Sillage which pulls like a heavy tail behind you.

Roses are good, really good! They get through authentically, even Oud is not bad. Only I'm bothered all the time by this rubber stuff...

The perfect reason to wear this "treasure" would be to change the tyres. Any garage. A few cars with gasoline in their blood handle heavy tires. The boys are wearing "Shades Wood" and that's great! They do not smell of sweat and grease, but of wonderful roses! The rubbery fragrance simply disappears under tyres ;-)

I would like to thank Darkbeat for the fragrance sample!
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6.0 8.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Sleeping Beauty and Rose Red in the Shadow Forest
Once upon a time there were two rose sisters, the large, deep-red hybrid rose red and the smaller, somewhat herbaceous Sleeping Beauty. Rose red was proud, slim, with few thick thorns and with noble rose bouquet provided. The Sleeping Beauty, rather crooked in growth, wild, with many tiny, prickly thorns, surrounded an intensely floral-spicy aroma. The two were beautiful and they liked each other very much.
One day the sisters decided to look for the hunter. They were secretly very much in love with him for a long time. They learned that he lives in a hunting lodge deep in the forest and rarely leaves this place. Rosenrot still had concerns, but Sleeping Beauty suggested marking the way every few steps for a successful return from a bag of spices. So armed, Rosenrot carried the spice bag for safety themselves, they went into the deep forest.
With its appearance the Unterhoz penetrates an intensive, flowery rose fragrance, which is still provided with some freshness from the edge of the forest, strongly takes over the leadership. Sleeping Beauty, always a good way ahead of her sister, spreads her aroma with ease. Rosenrot begins to sprinkle the spices and tries to do the same for her. Suddenly Sleeping Beauty calls out, what did I get myself into? Her sister, who hastens to the house, frees the rose, which is up to half full of bad smelling mud, but she cannot clean it because of the many small spines. It smells a little severe, like stale flower water. So humiliated and soiled, Sleeping Beauty continues the search, now hand in hand with Rose Red who spreads the spices further. Both walk becomes heavier, earth and moss is thrown up but by their now strict rose scent they are well recognizable in the darkening forest.
A forest spirit crosses the path and offers to lead Sleeping Beauty and Rose Red to the hunting lodge. He knows the green skirt well and knows where it is. The forest becomes scarier, the spices run out and the spirit smells amazingly earthy, woody and good. They choose to trust him and follow behende.
When we get to the cabin, no one's home. The forest spirit asks the rose sisters to take a seat and stay. He'd have to get the hunter first. The roses sit outside to rest surrounded by racks with, to dry, stretched leather skins. It was a long, exhausting march and they are already very exhausted.
After hours the forest spirit comes with the hunter to the hut. The roses have withered, the mud has dried, a few spices lie around, the delicate scent of fallen petals mixes with that of the damp soil and that of the clammy animal skins. Our Nimrod is not sad, because the morning begins soon and he waits for new visit. And if he didn't die, I guess he's still waiting today!
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10.0 8.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Another Armaf Blindbuy...
At first I was very skeptical and afraid that "Armaf Shades Wood" smells like the classic musty rose! It wasn't like that! I was pleasantly surprised how masculine and deep dark this mystical little water comes across. Price performance is top! Durability and Sillage are not "Beastmode" but in the good upper range.
7.0 8.0 9.0 8.5/10

236 Reviews
How to start an Oud love affair for pocket change
I will just tell you a couple of words about the Shades Wood flask I ordered, received and tested:
- Cheap price + classy scent = gigantic value!
- Amazing near niche quality oud/rose fragrance!
- I am considering to use it on a pair with Versace's Oud Noir and Aramis Perfume Calligraphy. Yes, Shades Wood is that good!
- Very good performance!
- One of the best dry downs I have experienced with an oud fragrance!
- Just skip the initial 30 seconds while the alchool is evaporating and the scent is to harsh.

My rates for Shades Wood:
Scent Opening:..........8.0
Scent Drydown:.........8.75
Average: 8.09 / 10,00
- between 7 and 8 =above average;
- between 8 and 9 = recomended;
- bigger than 9 = don't miss it;
I do recomend it to oud lovers, and fragrance "entrepreneurs" that want to begin a safe and not expensive oud journey.

Music: Disney's Aladdin - Arabian Nights

Additional comment.
Resellers just take advantage on some customers and sell them fake fragrances. When it concerns perfumes with astrong note of Oud, any fake fragrance may smell like "stable", "greatest joke in fragrance history", "humbug", "cloying, revolting and bad smelling", and so on.

Comment about some negative reviews I read about this and other oud fragrances:
I do like beasty fragrances. It's only natural that I like ouds. I am not a fan of airy or aquatic fragrances (although I like a few of them). I can accept that a person does not like ouds in general or a particular kind of oud. However I consider ridiculous someone to comment that all the oud fragrance smells like urinal cakes or a stable. Either that person is not smelling an original perfume, or has never been in a stable, or something is wrong with his/her pituitary. Armaf's Shades Wood does not really fit in that over animalic picture.
Do buy your "Shades Wood" - or any other fragrance - in a trustworthy reseller!


Carlitos01 18 months ago
I am considering to use it on a pair with Versace's Oud Noir and Aramis Perfume Calligraphy. Yes, Armaf Shades Wood is that good!+4
Rsi 20 months ago
Just one word AMAZING+1
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