Sexual Healing (2017)

Sexual Healing by Art Meets Art
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Sexual Healing is a popular perfume by Art Meets Art for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is gourmand-sweet. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Honey, Vanilla tobacco



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Submitted by Calista, last update on 29.06.2019
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Fuck for your health!
Hello and welcome to a new comment from me, my dear snoopers! D
Today I report my impressions of "Sexual Healing" by Art Meets Art.
I know you're thinking "Oh no, now he's found exactly the kind of scent where he can talk stupid, cheeky and perverse again", because it would be exactly my DING...! Argh,... hello? What do you think of me?

Just because I write to summer scents that they would fit insanely well to lie on the beach and look after hot bathing beauties (I'm single, I may do that, hr :D) or that I find it great that the general female clothing becomes particularly scarce and short at summer times or that I whine with scents like Grittis "Neroli Extreme", because I had lost my glasses in the water with high waves and this just at the time, in which the waves also let the bikini top of a girl ... uh.... slide to the side and I without glasses, blind as I am, thereupon only saw "optically blurred breasts", does not mean that I am a piglet!! :DDD

But come on, Sexual Healing. Just the name alone makes certain images come to mind. Apart from that, the term may also be used to refer to reports of celebrities who have their sex addiction cured in clinics. Or to scientific articles that say that a lot of sex (protected, that should be taken for granted... :D) or even just a lot of rumbling could make you less susceptible to diseases. Because you exchange a lot of body fluids and the body takes defensive measures or gets used to certain viruses or ... well, ... pathogens (as this word sounds again ... :D), so that you are hardened in the future .... well ... um ... and catch cold less quickly than others!

*sigh* That's why I get a cold so often... yes yes... don't say "The guy really needs a girlfriend, otherwise he'll get killed" again! :DDD
Better read the fragrance description here!

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins or smells exactly according to what is written below. Vanilla, tobacco and... honey. Of course I do. It must be honey of all things, one of these foods that are clichéd and produced only for the purpose of smearing the partner's admittedly soft and beautiful skin with it and then eating it up in the truest sense of the word. This may sound stimulating and even erotically tingling, until the lady first turns her head to the side full of pleasure, but then opens her eyes for a moment and realises that the honey has even stuck her hair together! Of course it tickes out then and becomes a monstrosity... um, not that this would have happened to me before (but not *sigh* to me), I mean purely hypothetically something like this could happen in "sticky games" :DD
But anyway, I have to admit that the combination of vanilla, honey and tobacco smells pretty good. It may seem sticky, but the sweet scent is pleasant. I find that the honey even comes across pretty authentic, almost like a spread of this sticky-sweet gold.
In the background there seem to be very light spicy notes, but they seem to be very good or suitable because of the honey. And the scent doesn't change much more. It smells at any time up to the end after these three smell notes, whereby in the basis the honey appears a little more spicy and thus a little more heavily a little, but still smells naturally well.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is quite good, so that the scent is not only smellable from close up. It's a larger fragrance cloud that rises high and could also be overwhelming if you overdo it when spraying on. The shelf life is also quite good, so that the fragrance can be smelled well on the skin for at least ten hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular and has strongly rounded edges and sides. A simple white label with the name of the fragrance can be seen on the front. The lid is black and rectangular. Everything is kept quite simple and very typical for niche fragrance bottles. That's why he just seems okay to me, rather unspectacular.

Soo, so that was Sexual Healing. And the scent is very good, I think. Although it has few scents, they also smell intensively and therefore do not disappear immediately. And the combination of the three fragrances, honey, tobacco and vanilla, is more than successful and smells both great and delicious.

From the type I would classify him in autumn and winter, or even on spring days that are not yet very warm. For me it has become above all a fragrance for the evening or for going out, because it is a fragrance that works well and... hmpf, it is really hard to resist to renounce terms like "to eat", "tasty" and "bite" with such fragrances! :But you know what I mean anyway.

In any case, the fragrance is very worth testing, especially for all honey fans, because the honey as described also seemed very authentic to me. And despite the honey, I think that the fragrance is unisex instead of being purely feminine.

You know, I have a cold at short notice and often have a sore throat, for example, I have probably become more susceptible to diseases due to the lack of a longer single life! So what does that mean? Yeah! Let's all kiss each other! :DD
I knew I'd bite the dust soon... all because of you!!!
Have a nice evening anyway, and see you next time! DD
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