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Cuero de Mexico / Mexican Leather by Arts&Scents
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Cuero de Mexico is a perfume by Arts&Scents for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is leathery-woody. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesOrange
Heart Notes Heart NotesTuberose, Jacaranda blossom
Base Notes Base NotesMyrrh, Rosewood, Leather



6.3 (10 Ratings)


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6.2 (12 Ratings)
Submitted by Labormaus, last update on 18.12.2019.
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Lord of the flies
I recently received this fragrance as a gift from a friend after being very taken with it during a fragrance sampling session. He clearly reminded me of the atmosphere in Amsterdam hippie shops 30 years ago and who doesn't like to feel young and beautiful again?

Now I have worn it today for the first time for a whole day, and a new, very unpleasant component has crept in, which I somehow knew, but could not classify at first. Then I had it: it reminded me of the (probably miserably poisonous) fly sprays my parents used in our weekend home when I was a child. I felt younger, but not well anymore.

When I concentrate a lot, I'm back at the hippie shop, but there are a lot of flies that have to be sprayed off. This station wagon is so weird that I'll probably give the scent back, too bad
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Greatly helpful Review    24
Hossa Krishna
Inciensos is a small esoteric shop in Mexico. There is mainly incense for anyone who likes incense sticks. Religious incense for Hindus, Buddhists or Christians. Natural or artificial incense, for relaxation or stimulation. All this has nothing to do with the scent, I place the scent just like molihuacha in an esoteric shop. That's all, then. If you're expecting a comment that's just about scent. Then move on. There's nothing to see here.

Inciensos is led by José Fortunato, a small inconspicuous man with a bald head. He's very good with incense. It's his life. He likes to smoke, too. Every day Patricia comes to his shop and sniffs at the incense packets. Sometimes she buys something. Patricia is shy and pale. She is secretly in love with José Fortunato, but does not dare to confess her love to him. José Fortunato smokes too much. He doesn't realize Patricia's in love with him, and he doesn't care. He just manages to survive with his shop when he sells a little bit of special smoking under the counter. One day Patricia came to the store late at night. There was a blackout and the two of them were standing around in the dark. José Fortunato had a lighter in his pocket. He took it out and used it. There stood the two and between them danced a small warm flame. "Shall I take you home?" asked José Fortunato. Patricia had been waiting for this for a long time.

molihuacha has already said it, Cuero de Mexico smells like an esoteric shop. No leather. The scent is not unpleasant, but is not really perfumed either, especially as the projection is not very strong and the durability on me is really very bad. 500 different kinds of incense sticks smell together like that if you do not light them. Familiärer Tester M would only have awarded a maximum of 6.5 points. I have picturesque if not romantic memories about esoteric shops. Therefore I find 7 points okay.

Cuero de Mexico can be used all year round if you want to transport yourself olfactorically to an esoteric shop or if you are a salesperson in an esoteric shop. The fragrance is fruity resinous. You probably won't be chased out of the city tarred and feathered if you use Cuero de Mexico, but people will wonder since when you became so religious or if you converted to a Far Eastern religion. If you want to dress up as a hippie, for example at a costume party, then Cuero de Mexico is also ideal. Is there an Alt-68 disco? That would be something to go out with. But sports? No. I can't think of anything this time
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