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Dreckig bleiben is a limited perfume by AtelierPMP - Perfume Mayr Plettenberg for women and men and was released in 2013. The scent is woody-spicy. It is still in production. Limited Edition

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Mark Buxton

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBergamot, Ginger, Mandarin, Neroli
Heart Notes Heart NotesElemi resin, Gurjun balsam, Labdanum
Base Notes Base NotesGaiac wood, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cedar



7.0 (113 Ratings)


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7.8 (92 Ratings)
Submitted by Kankuro, last update on 12.09.2019.

Interesting Facts

Dreckig bleiben is German for "Stay Dirty".
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Helpful Review    5
You dirty bastards... I knew you were all dirty!!!
Aaaah ha ha ha ha ha. Now it's time!
I sometimes write here that you would be dirty sparrows if, for example, you didn't like pure-smelling perfumes and so, because apparently everything that reminds you of cleanliness and soap, bounces off you somehow!

And now here comes a fragrance from AtelierPMP that bears the name "stay dirty"! Yes, exactly, this should be exactly the fragrance for you. It's almost as if the perfumers here had read my comments and then thought of you perfumers that you really wouldn't like cleanliness if you wrote things like "he's SEIFIG! I can't do anything with it, I prefer dirty!!!" (in whatever context that is meant... :D).

Well... let's see if you like the smell here. Normally I imagine a lady to be reasonably clean, but somehow you sometimes give me the feeling that your room, for example, is a lot dirtier than mine, and I haven't vacuumed my room for two weeks, no dustwipe and there are spiderwebs hanging on the corners of the ceiling, dancing around funny with every little breeze and making their shaky, eight-legged inhabitants tremble and twitch even more :DD
All right, now for the fragrance:

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins with strong resinous scents such as incense and similar smoky scents. If I have to be honest, it is even a quite violent and also very unusual smell and smells for me personally even after... smoked ham!!! Yes, really, correctly read, I smell an extremely strong ham note here! And that really with the corresponding smoked fat smell.
This fragrance is extremely strong and lasts for quite a while. Besides, if you smell exactly, you can also perceive ginger. As well as slightly sweet scents that should come from the Labdanum.
In the background the fragrance is soft and soft, almost powdery, but not clean here.
A little later the ham-like smoked note goes away a little, but can still be smelled in the background for quite a while. Now the scent becomes more "perfumed", because now you can smell soft sandalwood, a bit more bitter cedar wood and even more soft notes, because now vanilla also starts and besides the soft scents also gives off a nice sweetness. Balsamic notes make the fragrance more pleasant and beautiful, especially together with vanilla, which also goes very well with the now "normal" scented resins. Towards the end, the ham scent is actually completely gone, and the scent then smells sweet, resinous and vanilla.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage starts quite violently, but in the next 15-20 minutes it returns to a normal or average level. It can be smelled well on short and medium distances, but does not fill the room later on. The shelf life is quite long. You can smell the scent for longer than twelve hours, but a little less than half of it has a always juicy ham scent in your nose :D

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular with rounded edges. On the front there is a black, narrow label with the name of the fragrance. The lid is particularly eye-catching, as it is large and made of wood and looks pretty great. All in all a very nice bottle!

So, that was staying dirty. The name of the fragrance hits the bull's eye right at the beginning. Well, it's not like you're spraying an aura of dirt with it now, e.g. as if you've been digging in the mud and rubbing your face against a car exhaust (after cooling of course), but more like you've been barbecuing and you've got all the smell of fat, meat and smoke sticking to you afterwards. You know that you smell like a barbecue because all this scent settles on everything (hair, skin, clothes...), especially if you stood near the barbecue or the fire. And normally at the end of such a day at home you would rip off all your clothes in the bathroom (no no, that's not meant to be erotic this time :D), throw them into the laundry basket and then jump into the shower yourself to get rid of all this scent.

But not here! Here this fragrance should stick to you, as a perfume, so that everyone can think that you just came from a barbecue :D At least in the top note and part of the middle part of the fragrance. Because later the smoky notes, but above all (fortunately) the grilled fat smell become weaker and weaker, so that afterwards the softer, powdery and sweet scents stand in the foreground, together with nice woody and resinous notes.

Due to the extraordinary beginning, this fragrance is especially suitable for all those who want something completely new and different in the nose. And if you have nothing against some smoked bacon at the beginning, then you get your money's worth with this fragrance. Dirty pups (like most of you apparently :D), who shower only two, maybe three times a month, can access this site anyway :DD

But most of them will surely be deterred by the top note, so it is better to test the fragrance first, so I do NOT recommend to buy it blind! The best time to use the fragrance is in autumn and winter, as it would have to be very overwhelming in summer. Intended use? Well, good question. After a long time of waiting the fragrance smells more "normal" again... but before that you could use it as a deterrent against unpleasant and annoying people! It looks like you've eaten a lot of garlic and then come very close to the others during conversations, to share every particle of the garlic cloud that comes out of one's mouth... well, with the others! D

So, and that's it again. Have a nice evening and see you next time, and go shower damn, I can smell you from here :DD

220 Reviews
Very helpful Review    5
When in the afternoon the sun got blurred...
...and the level of alcohol increased, the inhabitants of Bruckhausen opened their street windows and shouted insults at each other. Bruckhausen was a real dirty neighbourhood. Situated almost next to the river Rhine, a Thyssen steel plant prevented any breeze of fresh air from coming in. The chain smokers led a healthy life there - at least, they had a filter between their lungs and the breathing air. My friends lived in a house that had been bombed in WWII, and it was never completely reconstructed. Some doors in their apartment led into abyss, and in one room, one outer wall was missing. At night, we used to climb upstairs under the roof which was partly gone. When the blast furnace was run off, the sky was one bright red glow, and we could even see sparks. Dirt was everywhere. Waking up, I found lumps of it on my sleeping bag.

These are memories from the Eighties that my recent test of “Dreckig bleiben - Staying Dirty” evoked. The topic of this fragrance has the colour of anthracite. It belongs to wherever coal dust fills the air. I like tar, coal and domestic coal. I like the sweetish smell of brown coal fires, dirty and impure. People in the GDR used this in winter for their heating, but the smell is long gone. That sweetish aroma is not exactly hit by Dreckig bleiben. But it comes close. The opulence of this fragrance results from a very broad, sweetish resinous note that is almost floral. The darkest smoke notes are needed to balance this note which I usually would rather assign to a ladies' fragrance.

This setting covers the first part of the scent development. It is obviously designed to provoke a loud “Whoa!” by the aspired customer. Yes, I think Dreckig bleiben is intended to be a spontaneous buy.

But very soon the bright flames dim down to a dark glow. After two hours, there are ashes and woodiness: dry, puristic and almost posh compared to the blatant and blaring first part. This base note is remarkable: enhanced with a tiny bit of vanilla, this woody accord is really well done. It still smells ashen, and still like coal. And somehow, I even get a little bit like oud. What a pity the sillage is so week at this last part of the development!

What are we supposed to think about it? When loud fragrances suddenly become quiet I tend to consider such an artisanal shortcoming. I love perfumes that keep their tension over many hours. In this case however it may be regarded as a blessing that the opulence from the beginning gently fades away. In the long run, the sweet resins would be hard to bare.

I do not really believe that Dreckig bleiben will stay limited to only 999 flacons as announced. At least, it took half a year to turn up in my home town. It may also find its way to an international audience. In my local niche perfume shop, it obviously substitutes or complements Nasomatto's sinister Black Afgano. Just take a look at the similar bottle design!

Coal perfumes are rare. I still remember Jacomo's Anthracite pour Homme which I never bought. Not sure if I will buy Dreckig bleiben. I would have to look mean all day if I wore it!

Mayr Plettenberg also manage the brand Elternhaus. An interview with them was released at the German Parfumo blog: http://www.parfumo.de/blog/2013/05/03/dreckig-bleiben-die-geschichte-hinter-der-geschichte-eines-ausergewohnlichen-parfums/

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