Camélia Intrépide (2016)

Camélia Intrépide by Atelier Cologne
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Camélia Intrépide is a perfume by Atelier Cologne for women and was released in 2016. The scent is leathery-floral. It is being marketed by L'Oréal.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesCalabrian bergamot, Sicilian lemon, Java nutmeg
Heart Notes Heart NotesChinese camelia leaf, Moroccan orris butter, Violet leaf
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Turkish rose absolute, White leather



7.4 (34 Ratings)


7.1 (28 Ratings)


6.2 (27 Ratings)


7.7 (38 Ratings)
Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 20.08.2019.
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Greatly helpful Review   
... i had to accept that first.
Accept that with age one becomes calmer, calmer and more farsighted.
That's why I haven't lost any of my temperament, but there's something to it! How did I hate it before when it said: "When you are older, you think differently about it", or "The experience comes with age", etc. etc.
IT'S BUT SO! I have to admit, and it's not even bad. On the contrary, it is much more relaxed and peaceful.
So youthful and maturing with time, Camélia Intrépide seems to me.
Flowery-leathery it is described. He is, yeah! But much more than that. Unbridled, tangy and refreshingly sour, the citrus notes dance around the nose. Like a spa visit to the wellness temple. "I'm here... hello, pay attention to me and play with me!" So dominant, you can't help being happy. Surprisingly, the face is distorted, as if you were biting into a fresh lemon fissure.
Many camellia and violet leaves fall down with ease and bury you velvety soft. Take a deep breath, because the softness brings you back from the lemon booster and becomes a little quieter. It always splashes in the nose because the temper never gets lost. Fruity-sourish, flowery-sweetish without being really sweet. Then, when it gets calmer and you wait patiently for some rest, a deep wine red rose shines. Its leaves are furry and soft and the inner pulsates warmly and brightly. Is it so, or is it deceptive, that little Camélia Intrépide has grown up. Feminine and attractive and always the mischievous one at the back of the neck. I know how and when she can use her charms. It is held on the white leather leash, which lies well in the hand, and/or at the neck. Flowery-leathery is absolutely right, but with a kick of impertinence.
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8.0 8.0 9.0 7.0/10

1 Review
A feminine powerhouse
For starters, most perfumes I try turn very VERY sweet on me, whether it be florals, resins or fruits.

When Camélia Entrépide is first sprayed, it comes off as a very floral focused scent (which the name might suggest). It's pleasant, almost calming and I always get this feeling of just wanting even more!

But then it settles down, the top notes are less obvious and the heart and base of the scent really begin to show themselves.
This is where it turns almost nauseatingly sweet, powdery and creamy at the same time. It's such a... strange and overwhelming sensation to experience. The violet leaf, orris butter and white leather makes for an interesting combination.
The white leather note completely steals the show. It overpowers many of the other notes and it almost pushes it towards being unbalanced.
I don't pick up much of the rose at all, which I find to be such a shame, as it would probably lighten the scent a bit and make it slightly more tolerable.

Despite this review coming off a quite negative, I actually truly enjoy this perfume. It is so refreshingly different, it has so much depth.

It lasts ALL DAY. I easily get 10 hours wear out of this, the vast majority with a noticeable projection. I smell it on myself during the day and even when I go to get changed in the evening. It is mostly the leather note, again, that I notice after so many hours of wear.

Another bonus point for this perfume, that I'd like to point out, is that it taught me a lot. I've only been a fragrance geek for a year at most and Atelier Cologne has me in love with their cologne absolutes. I never knew or could identify what a leather note was supposed to smell like. But knowing violet leaf and orris made it so clear to me what leather in perfume is. Now I can pick it up whenever I smell it in another scent and I truly appreciate that.

If you adore powerful, sweet, slightly powdery scents, you'll love this. But you mustn't be afraid to be noticed.
6.0 7.0 8.0 7.5/10

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Helpful Review    4
Some 19th century, maybe?
A fresh powdery, very bright flower. Melancholic, serious and also tender and fragile. Yet intrepid as the name tells us. White. Old pink. Girl in uniform. Brunette, expressive and reserved.

This flower scent from Atelier Cologne is surprisingly good after the much too sweet "Silver Iris" and after "Iris Rebelle", which smells nice and whose design I like in principle, but it just doesn't dock.
Quite different, this simple, clever, first-class flower creature.

Bright, but not summery. Morning dew.
The scent brings a distinct teen note in addition to the engaging floweriness; the camellia is a tea shrub.
After an hour, for example, the scent becomes only slightly soapy, a violet is added, some dry wood. A fruity note, light orange, alternating between citrus and apricot. This also builds a good bridge to the leather, which at first is very quiet, but now is noticeable. It also remains rather soft in the following. A lady with white gloves.

Light, reserved, Asian, exotically beautiful. Not exalted. It seems authentic.
And, for me, the most important characteristic of this fragrance lies on the olfactory emotional level: it has something painful, albeit not dramatic.

This fragrance is not only gentle, it is also a bit individual. Some 19th century maybe? Duma's "Lady of the Camellias" appeared in Paris in 1848. Verdi's opera "La Traviata", written afterwards, was an unheard-of success when one considers the subject: a courtesan suffering from tuberculosis, incurable, she dies and is the beloved and heroine of history. A socially fallen and terminally ill woman, capable of true devotion.

Not to "build" such a fragrance with the rose you might expect, but to put the camellia in the center of attention, is a nice idea and very successful.

After approx. 2-3 hours: I really like the scent. He's introverted, but he's not completely calm Unfortunately, there is a slightly sweet-synthetic touch added to the otherwise not very changed base, which seems somewhat fake. The same sweetness, but much more violent, has already completely spoiled the "Silver Iris" for me. Fortunately it is not so strong here by far, but the scent drops off a bit. Nevertheless, I feel it to be a real discovery and this special mood captured in the fragrance has accompanied me all evening, altogether about 6 hours, rather longer, and remains in my memory.
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