Santal Carmin (2014)

Santal Carmin by Atelier Cologne
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Santal Carmin is a popular perfume by Atelier Cologne for women and men and was released in 2014. The scent is woody-spicy. It is being marketed by L'Oréal.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesCalabrian bergamot, Key lime, Indian saffron
Heart Notes Heart NotesNew Caledonian sandalwood, Indian gaiac wood, White musk
Base Notes Base NotesIndian papyrus, Texas cedar, Madagascan vanilla



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Very helpful Review    11
A beautiful autumn scent for every occasion
Atelier Cologne is one of those brands that I really wanted to try before. They looked so wonderful in their fancy bottles, and since there were some citric scents among them (e.g. Orange Sanguine, Grand Néroli or Pomélo Paradise), and I like citric scents in summer, I had to try them
The problem, however, was that just a few years ago these fragrances were not so widespread here, so that I was largely dependent on samples. Gradually these scents came here, and now there are really a lot of these scents, of which I have tried some. But as it is, I didn't really like all of them, but I still like the brand, so that I like to test scents of it every now and then.

Today I come to one of the more expensive fragrances of this label, Santal Carmin, which is a woody fragrance that should fit well into the autumn season right now. The golden bottle with its red label also reminds me of autumn, when the foliage gradually turns red and brown and it can simply be beautiful to walk through all this foliage (or walk in the autumn forest). Of course, only if someone hasn't swept all these leaves into a huge heap of leaves, which at some point starts to stink like hell, even from afar! D

The fragrance:
The fragrance begins quite woody and vanilla, while for a few minutes the background of the fragrance still smells a little citrusy of limes. From the woody notes one can clearly smell out sandalwood and guaiac wood, because these woods come across softly and do not smell as bitterly spicy as cedar wood, which means that the cedar does not work at all yet.
The vanilla gives the fragrance a nice sweetness with a powdery note, but at the beginning the woods are still clearly in the foreground. There are also herbaceous and spicy notes. I don't know if this is the saffron, but I assume it is, because I can exclude everything else.
A little later, the vanilla becomes slightly stronger, making the fragrance slightly sweeter. Nevertheless, the woods remain in the foreground, especially if cedar wood is added a little later.
Basically, it remains that way, but the vanilla becomes a little stronger in the later base (or the woody notes fade away a bit, so that the vanilla looks stronger), so that the fragrance appears a little softer and gentler.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The Sillage is just so okay, but I have to admit that I expected a little more power for a woody scent. In the beginning you can still smell it, but a little later you have to get a little closer, especially outside. But the shelf life of seven to eight hours is quite good.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular with rounded corners or edges. It is gold-plated, shiny and therefore reflects beautifully (but you might leave fingerprints on it too!). The red label shows a line pattern on which you can see the brand and fragrance name. The label runs down to the back of the bottle. The lid is cylindrical and dressed in a wine-red leather dress. All in all a beautiful bottle.

Yes, this fragrance is beautiful and, above all, beautifully autumnal. You know, there are woody scents, which sometimes smell really so strict only of wood, which doesn't have to be bad, but sometimes a really bitter, angular or bulky and with little variety come across. Then there are wood scents like Santal Carmin here, which also smell quite woody, but also have nice sweet scents with a small, soft touch and therefore smell more pleasant. Of course this is a matter of taste, but I find Santal Carmin quite successful as a woody fragrance, even though strictly speaking it only smells of wood and vanilla.

Despite the sweet, soft vanilla, I find this fragrance more masculine than unisex because of its strong, woody notes, but I think ladies can take a look at it. As already mentioned, the fragrance is perfect for autumn, both during the day and in the evening.

Aaaah, as I said, the scent reminds me somehow of beautiful walks in autumn, either in the city, e.g. on beautiful avenues, where you walk through streets full of autumn leaves or on nice, small excursions into the forest, where everything is bathed in beautiful, yellow-red colors. Either way, sometimes these small hikes are quite relaxing and visually appealing. Unless, of course, you meet children on the way who have swept the leaves into large piles to jump in with a running jump and of course with loud screaming (so much for relaxation :DD)... hmm... is that possible at all? Or do you tend to end up in your ass? :D Looks fun in any case, if you're not afraid of the tingling crawling creatures hiding in the leaves :)

Well, anyway, I'd recommend a test here!
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8.0 5.0 6.0 8.0/10

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...stormy herb/winter evening in front of the fireplace...
Outside it is cold, it storms, the old oak beams support the ceiling of the cozy cottage.
It's a cold autumn/winter night.
The beams creak a little so unreal is it outside.
The wood in the fireplace glows, I put something on again. With friends we sit snuggled up on the sofa, telling us exciting stories, always on guard not to let the fire go out. We hold hot milk with honey in our hands, homemade biscuits smell like... it's gonna be a long night.

That's what happens to me when I smell that scent. A truly noble fragrance house. Santal Carmin starts with a little saffron, while sandalwood takes over quite promptly, almost effusively. It's fair and gives Safran some room. The friendly beuder in the form of guaiac is added. The smell really reminds of hot milk with honey. A light vanilla rounds off the overall picture. You almost didn't need the vanilla anymore.
A really nice EdP.
The only drawback: the outside of the fragrance is coated with gold leaf. Atelier Cologne doesn't need anything like that. Too pompous, doesn't have to be... even if the line says so.
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