Silver Iris (2013)

Silver Iris by Atelier Cologne
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Silver Iris is a perfume by Atelier Cologne for women and men and was released in 2013. The scent is powdery-floral. It is being marketed by L'Oréal.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesItalian tangerine, Chinese pink pepper, Blackcurrant
Heart Notes Heart NotesViolet leaf, Tuscan iris, Mimosa
Base Notes Base NotesIndonesian patchouli, White amber, Brazilian tonka bean



7.1 (166 Ratings)


7.1 (124 Ratings)


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7.4 (127 Ratings)
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Pink icing sugar
AugustA finds: The beginning slightly fruity, somewhat sweetish, with some iris with cream and carrot freshness. Spicy freshness of pepper, that opens the nostrils. Sweet and sour currant as a fruit component instead of the usual citrus blast is a nice prelude and makes the fragrance surprisingly ripe and round in the top note.
Later a fine green violet leaf fragrance is added, giving the fragrance elegance and green youth, also a cool floral freshness. Iris and violet overlap in some facets, sometimes they even overlap.
The fragrance is now white and dark red, full-fruity and cool-fresh at the same time. The violet makes the bow to the iris and mimosa makes the fragrance sweet and powdery. It brings a delicate apricot colour to the berry red.
A light soapiness cannot be denied, but the fruit sweetness catches what might seem too clean. So far so good.

When I tried the fragrance some time ago, it could be years, I found it much too sweet. Today he seems to me to be quite refined and well combined at the beginning as described. After about 2 hours, however, the sweetness increases significantly and the powder becomes sugary, icing sugar, fructose. Glazes the top note, which fades underneath. A little bit much of a good thing for my taste.

The scent goes - spoken in color - from light possibly a little light pink powder with green finish over in dark pink sugar stuff. More mimosa and violet than iris on my skin. I don't find silver at all, at the most at the beginning a slightly cool body powder component, which is however covered by icing sugar. So beautiful at first began, so disappointing I find the fragrance after a few hours.

The durability is okay, but only if you smell directly at the wrist or where else it is. I don't like to try it more dosed.
The base makes the pink powder at the end rounder and more oriental, so spicy-sweet ; that fits well, but doesn't save me the fragrance anymore.

Within a test with Karacho, this scent slipped up on my watch list and down again. That's the way it goes..
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Chocolate gone bad?
First, I want to admit I don’t know what iris smells like. Silver Iris opens surprisingly metallic and bitter to my nose. (Hey, silver = metallic, is this what they were going for?) Could this be chocolate gone bad? I know chocolate isn’t listed as one of the notes, or cocoa either, but I keep thinking of chocolate while wearing this. Very BITTER chocolate that has gone past the expiration (best by) date. I think it must be the patchouli, amber, and tonka drydown, but I’m not sure, and I don’t care to explore it any further because Silver Iris smells nasty to me, and I really don’t understand all the good reviews. If this is what iris smells like, I’m not a fan. There are too many other *good* frags from Atelier Cologne to waste another minute on it.
7.5 5.0 5.0 4.0/10

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An Iris By Any Other Name
Do you like fruit with your iris? There's a lot of fruitiness here! Too much for me, certainly; I do like blackberry in reasonable amounts but on my skin this turns into a sickly sweet syrup. The eponymous iris is there, as is a good amount of violet, which makes everything smell extremely purple. While the ingredients are top notch, here's no refinement - it's very rich.
It's not necessarily a bad fragrance, just not at all what I was expecting. Why would they call this Silver Iris? Now to chase down some Iris Silver Mist, which I hear is a little more faithful to the concept.

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A candy iris
Taking into consideration the name and the bottle my expectations were around a cold and abstract representation of iris. Silver Iris came out bottled in silver and I was wondering how cold this iris will be knowing well about the coldness of iris from Serge Luten’s Iris Silver Mist. Instead I discover right from the beginning a delicious sweet fruity fragrance with a very slight powdery candied violet tone reminding me about make-up. Not too much coldness, at least not as much as I expected , the tangerine and blackcurrant being responsible of bringing sunshine to the austere iris.
Silver Iris is a sweet almost gourmand iris representation which is not very common, the silver in the title is much more sugar than silver. From this perspective it is an interesting scent and can be much more interesting if you are into gourmand scents but on the other hand you should not expect further development on the skin.

It is a linear scent, telling the same story from the very first minute until the last tones, lasting about 7-8 hours on the skin. It has a good silage which is a nice performance for a Atelier Cologne scent.

The story behind the fragrance is about the moment when the tough metal woman of intimidating beauty meets the “ absolu man”. Silver Iris was not so successful in bringing out great emotions while wearing it. Instead it is a easy to wear feminine fragrance, I find it not so appropriate for the metal woman but nice on candy girl.
Finally ,Silver Iris is a nice, sweet and cozy everyday scent . It is not at all a complicated fragrance being easy to wear all year maybe except summertime when the sweet fruity powdery notes can be too much . Maybe fall or even a mild winter can be it’s favorite time of the year.
10.0 10.0 7.5 4.0/10

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Rouge with Iris
I really like silver and with this cold and elegant carmine lid the harmony is absolutely perfect. I feel free to praise the packaging, since I am not going to buy this extremely expensive bottle. The content is not my cup of tea.

At the beginning I get a quite similar fragrance what 1889 MOULIN ROUGE provided me, it is not too bad, but not my taste: leather, rouge, powder. So please, forget the top notes. SILVER IRIS is a chunky perfume, flooding without break, there is nothing airy or light there, so I found a big contradictionary between the cold bottle and the scent.

Later on iris bespreads the rouge, but powder and leather remains. For me it is too strong, too stifling. The ingredients are surely high quality, and the composition is inspired and coherent. But still not my taste.


ScentedSalon 2 years ago
Silver iris this is not: iris top but quickly moves to a delicious lipstick accord, drying down as too much fruit. Look for iris elsewhere+5

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