Bois Sikar by Atelier des Ors

Bois Sikar 2018

08.02.2022 - 08:39 PM

Venturesome Experience

Bois Sikar is an audacious frag for sure. I've been wearing this bold, smokey, and woody scent for a few days and it makes an impression. It is high quality Niche perfume and a splendid addition to the Atelier Des Ors - Black Collection.

The initial spray reveals the unique character of Bois Sikar -- the smoke, cedar, and tobacco burst forward like cracking the door to a cigar bar filled with all the aromas rushing into your nostrils. It's not a smell to accentuate but an experience. BS is so well blended the strong notes invite you in and then confidently hand you a single malt whiskey neat. It's ballsy, unabashed, elegant, sophisticated, seductive... this stuff is great! It's a man's man scent that the ladies want you to smell like.

One reviewer on LuckyScent stated, "People will love you or hate you." That's most likely true, but either way they will respect you. BS stands beside the other Atelier Des Ors: Black Caps in my collection, but he's so confident he'd securely stand alone.

Finally, Bois Sikar has excellent performance: 10+ hours longevity with hours of strong projection. He will not disappoint! Also, BS garners numerous compliments and unsolicited statements as if others are compelled to acknowledge him.
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