Iris Fauve by Atelier des Ors

Iris Fauve 2017

31.01.2022 - 06:20 PM

Remarkable Iris

A unique alluring delicate warm Iris. The scent is very unisex and would be beautiful on a man or woman IMHO. That said, some may feel the fragrance leans masculine bc it's not overly powdery or too sweet. It is posh though. Iris Fauve wafts through the air and lingers leaving a seductive trail. Truly captivating. I did purchase the 100ml - if you are aware of the House, you know how outstanding Atelier Des Ors presentation is... just stunning!

Edit: Yesterday was my first full wearing of this fragrance and it is a true pleasure. Marie Salamagne is an artist (I own FB of Lune Feline & Iris Fauve). Iris Fauve is beautiful, luxurious, sexy - would be an amazing Spring / Summer signature scent. I first applied 3 sprays around 1 PM and received two compliments within a hour. The fragrance is easily perceivable from 6 foot away. I reapplied around 8 PM with 4 sprays and captured wafts all through the night while I slept. Iris Fauve is still present closely on my clothes this morning almost 24 hours later. The perfume is never overwhelming. I am pleasantly surprised with the performance (12+ hours longevity, 5+ solid projection) and the high quality ingredients sets this scent apart.
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