Oud Save The King (2013)

Oud Save The King by Atkinsons
Bottle Design Aesthete, Thierry de Baschmakoff
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Oud Save The King is a popular perfume by Atkinsons for men and was released in 2013. The scent is woody-sweet. The longevity is above-average. It is being marketed by Perfume Holding.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesEarl Grey tea, Bergamot
Heart Notes Heart NotesSuede, Orris absolute
Base Notes Base NotesOud, Sandalwood



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Submitted by Michael, last update on 05.12.2019.
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Very good oud scent for the office
Oud Save the King is a perfect fragrance for the office,
I have some oud scents and none is as light and yet unique as Oud Save the King, and thus perfectly suited for the office.
I've already received compliments for the fragrance several times (with other oud fragrances like Oud Ispahan I've mostly only said get the fragrance is too strong).
Therefore I can recommend the fragrance to anyone who likes an oud fragrance, but nothing too intrusive would like!
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9.0 8.0 8.0 9.5/10

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Cherry wood.
If the resin of the cherry tree would be deep red and would smell of its fruits, it would smell of this perfume to me.
Wood and leather that don't want to be intrusive, but want to merge with you.
It embraces me, warms me and loves me.
I'm home.
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8.0 7.5/10

30 Reviews
Saccharin Oud
Smelling Oud Save The King feels like slowly sinking into the cushion of a big, comfy sofa, the prominent suede and oud notes just so smooth and velvety, perfectly supported by sweet orris and creamy sandalwood. Sadly the top notes are nowhere to be found, and without that bergamot the blend becomes a tad cloying and overwhelming after a while. Throughout its lifespan it remains a slightly warm, elegant fragrance but also a bit linear or lacking an exciting edge to it.

Still, Oud Save The King could be an apt scent for those who want to get started with agarwood fragrances that aren't dark or demanding, but it may not provide the "authentic oud" fix to more experienced noses.
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8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    11
... King save the Oud..
Now, a fortnight ago, I was in my favorite perfume.
Actually, the trip wasn't planned at all. Shortly before dinner with friends in a Ceylonese restaurant, we made a detour there.
I've had some scents shown to me. I actually wanted to buy Jo Malone - Myrrh & Tonka again because the bottle is empty - one of my favourite fragrances at the moment. The Grand Dame of this perfumery is over 70 and only there two days a week. She has decades of experience and has simply "dished up"

Everything was there and suddenly she reaches for a bottle of Atkinson. I've been distraught since I moved inside. Except for "Mint & Tonic" few people in this house can inspire me. And "Mint & Tonic" doesn't really do it either, I think it's pretty..
The saleswoman was so charming that I bit my lips and let it happen to me for the time being. Now the snippet was in front of me and the first impression was:" Oh, it's quite nice", just wait and see. 15 minutes later and after some more rehearsals, I came back to "Oud save the King". I liked him better than I did at the beginning. Carefully, I was told the price. Schlappe 195€ the 100ml.
Well, I know what Atkinson actually costs. The saleswoman smiled at me and told me that she was giving me 20% - testing and trying out is so much fun with me. My girlfriend took the snippet and said: "Mh, it's delicious, I participate too:-)" Since I was clammy this month, I wasn't really thinking:-) The difference of 65€ was no longer an issue:-)

At that moment I sprayed it on my wrist to see if it could shine so well on my skin.
We went for another ride outside. A short time later it was clear to me that we would go back and I could call him my own.

I don't usually do this kind of thing. I only test a fragrance over several days, sometimes even a few weeks. It even happens that I test some fragrances several times over a few months to understand them. But I'm sure there's a lot of people who do that around here. I hung it up right away and we drove to the restaurant.

to the fragrance:
You really have to use a lot of imagination to really catch the top note. It is too fast and too gentle, and thus passes almost directly into the heart note, which changes slightly in the course of time. For me the iris dominates here strongly with the oud. In the background a very delicate leather note is deposited. Iris and Oud lie on the leather and cover it almost completely. Now the trend is often not to sniff the three classic head, heart and base notes apart anymore. Here, too, it is actually a symbiosis of the substances mentioned. Also this fragrance does not tend to a surprising drydown with me. He's got a little vanilla in the end. Also he is too sweet for me just before the point to become. Oud and the minimal leather, however, still manage to dampen this outbreak.
Durability and Sillage are very good. There's no other way to put this. 8-12 hours, depending on skin condition and even sometimes to catch the next morning, but never loud and annoying.

Flacon: Well, as befits a king. Pomp and circumstance. Less is sometimes more but hey, it fits pretty well.

Furthermore, for me it is declared completely wrong, namely as men's fragrance. I'm sure I can find him in unisex. My work colleague even said again: "Do you have a woman's scent on it again?":-)

All in all a successful fragrance, which probably attracts the most attention in winter when it gets frosty and uncomfortable outside.

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8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    31
The end of a journey
This is the end of a long journey for me.
If there is one thing I find difficult, then it is to find the right fragrance among many similar fragrances, which are all the same somewhere and yet different in nuances.

To understand what this means, here is a short review of the past.

Marty Mcfly flees in DeLorean from the Libyan terrorists and accidentally travels to the past.
Yeah well we don't have to go that far now.
I met the scent Kalemat from Arabian Oud and was very enthusiastic. I was in a blueberry basin and didn't want to go out again. A beautiful fragrance, which is almost impossible to get and since then I've been keeping my little bottle like a treasure.
The only scent that actually indicated blueberries in the scents. That's what I wanted to smell like in winter. As a tip of a twin fragrance was stated Oud save the King by Atkinsons. Of course I remembered it and wanted to test it quickly, but independently of that I blindly bought a fragrance that was supposed to be a fragrance twin of Guerlain's Spiritueuse Double Vanilla.

Perry Ellis Oud - Black Vanilla Absolute moved in with me and the first sprayer put me back directly into the blueberry basin and I couldn't believe it, because by chance I had exactly the scent I wanted. Even today I love this fragrance and I love to wear it. There is no indication of the blueberries mentioned here, but I can perceive them. Maybe not as strong as in Kalemat, but it was enough for me and I was Happy. The Atkinson was far away, not completely out of memory, but I wasn't so eager to test it anymore.

From time to time I also had the occasional feeling of having to test all the other twin fragrances, be it Ragba, 24, or Eau des Missons. Yes were nice, but not the same, in the end there is still the Atkinsons left. Should he perhaps top everything again?

In between I had smelled him on paper, but no longer had the ambition to put him through his paces. I liked it, but a development on paper is not the same, so in order to finally get it over with, I ordered a small bottling from dear Shuqush, whom I would like to express my sincere thanks to once again.

Now we have the 28.01.2019 and I have come exactly 4 months after my comment to the Perry Ellis to a result.

No, they're not that alike. The direction is similar, but there are no blueberries here, or only with a lot of imagination. The beginning by the tea evaporates quite fast and then starts here a very fine suede note, which is very beautiful in itself and by Iris also becomes lightly powdery according to rank. A bergamot, or generally something fresh I do not perceive.

The whole thing is not medical due to Oud, or musty, but woody.
There's no more course, but it lasts all day. You can easily get over 9h and more if you wear this scent.
At the end you get a slightly sweetish touch, a little vanilla wherever that comes from. This results in the impression of a light vanilla dough. In general, the fragrance is very light, no wummser, but it doesn't have to be.

A beautiful fragrance that is unisex for me, but does not come close to my favourite. I'm not disappointed, I'll probably wear it once in a while. If you like more subtle suede and less vanilla, berries or rum, you should try this one.

Maybe one of you knows the scents and can understand all that.

Otherwise I am glad to have made this journey and will jump soon again into my Heidelbeerbecken.

So long
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9.0 7.0 9.0 7.0/10

0 Reviews
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Industrial-looking perfume in niche appearance
I have had this Atkinsons for about 2 years, but I use it less and less. What's the matter with you? Because this scent comes to me from time to time like an industrial perfume, made that way, not authentic at all.
Comparable to a Primitivo red wine, which is very made, very fat, overbordering. One glass and you just can't take it anymore!

I'm not buying Atkinson's use of noble essences anymore. The golden dress no longer deceives me.

This immensely powdery becomes so exhausting over time that I would love to wash off the scent. No development at all, always the same aromas.

Unfortunately, good marketing deceived me. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover, should you?
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Itchynose 6 months ago
Sweet, smooth and slightly cloying combo of suede and oud. Very pleasant in small doses but overwhelming after a while.
SamuelGustav 21 months ago
Not even oud could save this fragrance. Sweet powdery suede with a very flat and boring oud accord.+2

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