White Rose de Alix 2018

White Rose de Alix by Atkinsons
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7.7 / 10 69 Ratings
White Rose de Alix is a popular perfume by Atkinsons for women and was released in 2018. The scent is floral-fruity. It is being marketed by Perfume Holding.
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Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 02.11.2022.
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White Roses Torch In Hell
Hi there smelling pistons, how are you all doing? In these times, I sure hope you all are doing well! Keep taking good care of yourselves and stay away from stupid people who still see a big conspiracy in everything :D

Anyway, today is all about White Rose de Alix by Atkinsons. Soo... so there are white roses too? I really have no idea man, but may well be, since there are surely roses in all sorts of colors, right? Let's check Wikipedia: Ah yes, there it is. The White Rose was a resistance group against the Nazis... hm, I think that's the wrong entry... :D

But on other sites it says something about a white rose, especially what it stands for: Namely, innocence, purity and sweetness. So everything that does not apply to you LADIES at all, since you are all devilish monsters and will hopefully burn down in the lowest floors of hell, mu ha ha :DDD Oh dear, I think I'm getting so villainously deranged... :D

Soo... well then I'll go ahead and see how the fragrance smells, or rather smells :) And I hope very much that the individual roses in the most diverse colors do not have also still different smells, finally I can identify from flowers straight times ne cucumber perfectly... however stop, cucumbers do not even belong to the flowers... but at least nevertheless to plants, mu ha ha ha, that is already times what! :D :D

The fragrance:
When spraying on come me mainly directly first rose and raspberry smell good. And the roses smell now thus like general roses also, the color seems to have probably no big influence on the smell, but I guarantee nevertheless for nothing! :D
For a brief moment a rather stuffy floral note also emerges, which disappears very quickly but gives me the feeling that it might return later, but wait and see first.
Also later it smells mainly of roses, which now smell more sour. A slight stuffiness actually seems to return, but is still okay, thankfully this doesn't get more intense in the base. The fruity scents have then subsided and it smells instead more like sweet jasmine and musk.
Even later, I still smell roses, which also still smell quite tart and partially cover the sweetish scents again. Therefore, the vanilla (and also musk) also takes a little longer to finally emerge, so that this fragrance finally fades away slightly floral and slightly sweet.

The sillage and the durability:
The sillage is medium off, so the scent will be smellable on one without having to be too close. The longevity is quite good and lasts over eight to ten hours, which is certainly due to the vanilla at the end.

The bottle:
The bottle looks Atkinsons-typically like a hip flask and is accordingly indeed flat, but quite shapely been designed. On the front there is a small cutout in the middle for the round label. The gold-plated lid is trapezoidal and patterned. A beautiful flacon.

So, in itself, I really liked this Atkinsons. The only thing is that I personally don't like such strong roses that much. A subtle rose is okay, but I think there are nicer fragrances with roses. Nevertheless, the fragrance is of course not bad and well worth a test, especially since it also smells not only of roses, but also of musk, vanilla and a little of resins.

He smells for me basically like an all-rounder, a fragrance that you can use in itself in any season well. To go out he could still go so, much more I would use him but during the day, in the office or somehow something halt. Because despite nice fragrance I must still say that the fragrance is basically also turned out a little unspectacular and some might even find him boring, because he ultimately resembles many rose fragrances and thus hardly stands out from the other fragrances.

And as for white roses themselves: Well, no idea whether the now so special smell, but for me everything comes across as already mentioned just like "typical roses", but maybe I'm just again just the biggest botany bonause of all time, who can not distinguish a banana from a flower and therefore has no idea about anything... :D

Anyway, that's it for today. Therefore, I wish you all a nice evening, see you :)
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Finerthings8Finerthings8 2 years ago
This is very floral, musky , feminine parfum with good performance. There is also a nice story behind it.
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