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If any internal fragrance label deserves to be called a giant, it's Avon. Yet its founding is traced back to a bookseller.

Literature and book fan David McConnell ran a small bookstore in New York in the mid-19th century. As a small thank-you for his predominantly female clientele, he liked to include small flacons and samples of perfume he had created himself with the books he sold. Over time, his female customers were more interested in the aromas than the literature itself. Therefore, in 1886, McConnell founded his perfumery, which he christened the "California Perfume Company." He now sold his fragrance creations in door-to-door sales.

After making his label a fixture in the fragrance world, the company was named "Avon" in 1939, which is a nod to William Shakespeare, David McConnell's favorite writer. Simultaneously, the founder of the company "invented" the legendary Avon consultant through the help of his sales consultants. In 2010, the label "Avon" was present in more than 100 countries worldwide. Over six million female and now male Avon consultants sell more than 3,000 articles relating to individual beauty.

The great success of "Avon" is based on direct sales, high quality, and, above all, a broad product range. The collection includes conceivable skin, body, and hair care products, make-up, and numerous fragrances for men and women, as well as special collections for male shaving. In addition, "Avon" also offers accessories and utensils such as hairbrushes, pajamas, and face rollers for the individual care areas.

The articles of "Avon" are sold mainly by direct door-to-door sales. However, it is also possible to order from the company's online store.
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