Forbidden Rose (2010)

Forbidden Rose by Avril Lavigne
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Forbidden Rose is a perfume by Avril Lavigne for women and was released in 2010. The scent is floral-synthetic. It was last marketed by Procter & Gamble / Metropolitan Cosmetics.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesApple, , White peach
Heart Notes Heart NotesPomegranate blossom, Heliotrope, Lotus
Base Notes Base NotesPraliné, Sandalwood, Vanilla



3.8 (73 Ratings)


5.2 (44 Ratings)


4.4 (29 Ratings)


5.8 (35 Ratings)
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SorceressSorceress 5 years ago

„More Of A Unisex Scent For Tougher Days”

Chocolate-vanilla-and more of a cedar-type wood rather than a sandalwood. Those are the three notes I get when I spray and they stay with...
TeolindaTeolinda 8 years ago

„I just have one question...”

...and that is: What is so forbidden about this little rose (which besides does not exist)? "Forbidden Rose" is classified as a floral fruity...
7.5 5.0 5.0 9.0/10

213 Reviews
More Of A Unisex Scent For Tougher Days
Chocolate-vanilla-and more of a cedar-type wood rather than a sandalwood. Those are the three notes I get when I spray and they stay with me the duration of Forbidden Rose. Which is rather nice, it's a different scent to reach for in the cooler months when I am feeling in a tougher mood, ready to take on anyone, anything. That's the implication of this perfume.
I love the mix of chocolate and vanilla at the same time without this perfume being too much of a sweet gourmand. Because it's not at all. The wood brings it down to a mature level and adds an interesting thought to what could have been a generic ice cream cone. Forbidden Rose is not sweetness personified, rather, it hints of a masculine scent as time goes on. It is a scent that sits closer to you depending on how you spray.
It's also in the category of another unisex fragrance, wavering on the brink of his and hers, although the bottle is definitely more feminine with its' black rose topper, purple juice inside (my bottle has clear glass) and a barbed wire ring (think Pam Anderson's ink) that comes off the top to wear that's a size 7 1/4. The stem inside is black adding to it's well-thought design.
It's really a surprise scent, one that you would not expect a femme fatale to wear, but if one does, I'd imagine she'd be causing a bit of trouble. It reminds me more of a grunge era or a biker-chick attitude scent without a doubt with its' huge overtones of woods and pepper blended so seamlessly layered over vanilla and chocolate.
I do enjoy its' beginning creaminess. I also like that it segues into a completely different fume. Great for cool, rainy, foggy days wearing moto jackets into the night mist.
5.0 5.0 5.0/10

1165 Reviews
No rose to forbid
With Avril Lavigne's rather quirky sense of style and her fierce attitude, this fragrance, especially with the name Forbidden Rose, sounded like a risky, almost naughty take on a common floral note. Please don't get your hopes up, as rose never features in this composition, ever.

After the initial disappointment I did feel a little cheated, however I hadn't lost all hope that this could possibly be a good scent. Like other reviewers, the sweet, juicy apple note stood out for me too. It's nothing like DKNY Be Delicious or even Nina by Nina Ricci in regards to the apple note. Actually the apple in Forbidden Rose is quite subtle and clean smelling.

It's a pretty quiet fragrance, especially when compared to the bold, fruity and syrupy Black Star. It's not as fruity or sweet as one would expect. I can't help thinking that perhaps this fragrance is trying to play it safe.

Vanilla comes in halfway through, but I find the way it has been blended rather sickly. I unfortunately didn't smell any chocolate notes nor lotus.

Forbidden Rose is pretty average in almost every aspect of the word. The scent is so-so, the lasting power is not so good and the sillage is quite weak. I much preferred Black Star over this fragrance.

5 Reviews
I just have one question...
...and that is: What is so forbidden about this little rose (which besides does not exist)?
"Forbidden Rose" is classified as a floral fruity gourmand and I can partially agree with that. The first hour is in fact composed of screaming apple aroma and a very small hint of peach.But only if you know it will be there and you´re looking for it otherwise the apple takes over completely.

After an hour, I'm almost crazy from this excessive fruitiness and I feel a bit of madness coming over me. That's why I put on my winter jacket and I take the dog for a walk. Now I can´t feel it anymore, I've locked the madness in and I can start thinking other thoughts.
It´s so well locked in that when I´m back home again, I have forgotten that I was about to test a perfume at all.

When I a few moments later remember, I can not feel any apple at all around me...I start cheering and pressing my nose against my arm. Yes, because otherwise I can´t really smell "Forbidden Rose".
A light, light vanilla scent is spreading over my arm, but it´s so light that it is hardly noticeable ... and then, well, then there is no more to be said. No hint of rose, no hint of forbidden, no hint of anything. How sad, Avril.

Sillage: 10/10 first hour then 1/10

Lasting time: about 4 hours

Conclusion: This was no fun at all...booo

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