Azzaro pour Homme (Eau de Toilette) by Azzaro

Azzaro pour Homme 1978 Eau de Toilette

28.12.2012 - 02:48 PM
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Johnny Come Lately.

I had to track down a pre 2000 bottle of this huge mens powerhouse. Its worth the effort and still cheap, yet tricky to find. I never experienced it until 2011, fearing its "ladykiller" reputation. Marketing nonsense as far as my nose is concerned. Yes, this was the big French competitor to Paco Rabanne through the 1980s and beyond. I was always on the Paco Rabanne fence. Other than the openings-lavender and citrus-they are unrelated in all aspects.

Azarro is all about spices, oakmoss, vetiver and patcholi with tonka, coumarin, ambergris and iris in the base. The cardamon/sandalwood seems to put the come hither on those within sniffing distance, it has a unisex appeal and I believe a woman can wear this comfortably. 24 hours later without a shower, I am experiencing the final phase of this wonder-sandalwood, amber and musk wrapped in oakmoss are unforgettable. This is pure art. Perhaps the best drydown ever created.

Yes, its now officewear for men over 40-really?. Whatever happened to the Village People party boy? I get a 5AM disco vibe. My big bottle sits next to my big bottle of Paco Rabanne. Stately as they are, the have both been sadly reformulated. Both are relics from a bygone era when men could be men-hairy chests, sweat, tobacco and all. I feel I am developing an allegy to the 21st century and its restrictions. What a tragedy!
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