Visit for Men (Eau de Toilette) by Azzaro

Visit for Men 2003 Eau de Toilette

31.01.2015 - 09:08 AM
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Do I have to?

Neo009, how cruel of you to ask me to choose between my Annick Menardo fragrances ! She is my favorite, and I love all her scents (including ones where she shares credit, with Cresp, or Morillas, etc.) I have them all.

The 1st similarity I find between the two, is what I call the Annick Menardo Factor: Where there's something quite bizzare, yet alluring about the scent. Her scents are compelling, if nothing else. Asied from that, these two are also both Sweet-Spicy-Dry Woody scents.

But Visit and Potion are very different.

Visit has a very artificial/synthetic quality (some may say harsh), which when married to a sweet nutmeg and heavy dry cedar, evokes the aura of an Alien "Visitor" from outer space landing in a forrest. I can't always get into this one, (and I never wear this one during the day, although one certainly can) but it's Fantastic at night when I'm in the mood for it. The quality is a little crude I have to admit. But what do you expect from the budget of an Azzaro fragrance, right?

Now, Potion has much better "quality". Subtle, yet complex. Translucent, yet rich. Not crude or harsh at all. It's also sweet and woody like Visit, but the spices and swetness has a medicinal tone that speaks of ancient roots and plants... Perhaps those that a Wiccan might use in making a magic potion. Very modern in it's smooth, see thru texture. Yet very mysterious and ancient in it's composition. Although I admit the projection for the EDT is too subtle for most fragrance fanatics, It's actually perfect for this scent IMO.

I love them both, But since girls don't really like Visit on me very much. And I have often gotten a firstly startled...then, a glazed over stare from girls when i wear Potion... (no joke)...

I would have to pick DSQUARED² Potion as the one I prefer. (Not that I prefer glazed over stares. lol)

Thanks for bringing up these two great Menardo scents, Neo009

: )

(excerpted from a post of mine)

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