Wanted by Azzaro

Wanted 2016

03.10.2017 - 03:50 AM

Invictus meets Eros

I tested Azarro Wanted and didn't really like iy. Smell wise it was to me the opening of Invictus with the mid of Versace Eros. It is heavily sweet on the base, something I don't find in traditional Invictus.

Performance was the real issue with this fragrance to me. I didn't get great projection nor longevity with Wanted to be quite honest. Wanted instead was a dud after about three hours worth of projection and dies off as a skin scent after seven hours tops.

Overall Azarro Wanted gets a 6.8 out of me. It does what Invcitus and Eros does but nowhere near as good. I rather get either or even both of those over Wanted.
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