The Most Wanted Parfum by Azzaro

The Most Wanted Parfum 2022

26.08.2022 - 12:33 AM

The Most Wanted (By Night)

Fall is coming, and the time to break out the fall and winter frags is among us. To prepare for this, I bought several autumn fragrances over the summer, and The Most Wanted Parfum was among them.

As usual, I will break down my opinion on the scent, bottle, performance, and usability.


If you are familiar with Wanted by Night, and The Most Wanted EDP, then the Most Wanted Parfum smells like a blend of the two fragrances. One gets the vanilla sweetness and slight booziness that is present in the Most Wanted EDP upfront, while also getting some of the spice that is present in Wanted by Night on the dry down.

Individually, the fragrances worked well (with Wanted by Night getting more love), but when combined in the Most Wanted Parfum, it blends the best of both fragrances that can work for most men, and maybe some women who like wearing light boozy scents.

That said, if you found The Most Wanted EDP too sweet, or Wanted by Night too smoky, this is an excellent fragrance worth checking out, as it provides a middle ground.


The gun chamber bottle is nothing new in the Wanted line—by now you either love it because it looks cool, or loathe it because it looks tacky.

However, the bottle tells us exactly what the plan was for the fragrance.

It takes the black gun chamber from The Most Wanted EDP. However, the bottom glass starts off as black on the bottom (like The Most Wanted EDP glass) and then begins a gradient transition to become clear with a brown fluid (like the Wanted by Night glass).

That said, I care about functionality and durability. The bottle is fine in that regard, as you can control the amount sprayed. However, that is nothing special.


The performance of The Most Wanted Parfum is outstanding.

In terms of sillage and projection, I could smell this fragrance in a mixture of other scents in a retail store. By itself, the fragrance has a superstar projection—people will know you have entered a room.

The longevity is also amazing. That superstar projection lasts for about three hours, then the fragrance comes back down to normal, lasting about twelve hours overall. It will easily last an entire night.


However, with the amazing performance of The Most Wanted Parfum, comes a significant loss in versatility that makes the fragrance highly situational.

First point: Save it for mild or cold weather. After I tested the fragrance, I was stuck wearing it in the summer heat. The sweetness was nauseating until I entered a place with air conditioning.

Second point: The Most Wanted Parfum is not an office or gym fragrance. Policies exist because of fragrances like this that can overtake a small office. The gym is worse, as it is a massive distraction to other members working out.

A person can still wear The Most Wanted Parfum on a date (especially an outdoor one in mild weather), or at their own leisure, provided they keep the sprays in check. However, the best usage for it is at a party, a nightclub, or an outdoor event in mild weather. While the fragrance is sweet, the booziness and smoke offer an original touch that is not present in most nightlife fragrances.


Overall, I think The Most Wanted Parfum is a fantastic fragrance that blends the best elements of two previous fragrances.

That said, if you already own Wanted by Night or The Most Wanted EDP, save your money and do not fall for the fear of missing out. If you own both, layering them will probably get the equivalent of this scent.

Also, keep in mind that Azzaro fragrances get cheaper after the initial retail run. If you wait a few months, you can purchase this fragrance at a significant discount.

With those points aside, if you are looking for a versatile fragrance, a fragrance with moderate projection, or a fragrance with an artistic flair, look elsewhere—this is not for you.

However, if you want a fragrance that shouts your presence and adds a mature flair to the typical sweet scents today, The Most Wanted Parfum may be the fragrance for you.
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