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Interesting Facts

The Azzaro company was originally a fashion brand only. The name comes from its founder, fashion designer, and perfumer Loris Azzaro. The company is based in Paris, but originally Loris Azzaro was an Italian born in Tunis. So, in a way, the company combines the whole spectrum of Mediterranean flair.

Azzaro, which has had a relevant name in the world of haute couture since the early sixties, is now run by Azzaro's daughter Beatrice.
When the company began dressing stars in the early seventies, its name was also very quickly known internationally - all starting with a star wedding dress; two stories that began together. In the fashion world, it is true that not only clothes make the man, but also stars make brands.

With the creation of the perfume "Chrome Homme", the company has created a lasting place for itself in the world of fragrances forever. This perfume is and has been celebrated as a timeless stroke of genius in the industry.
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