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Black Walnut by Banana Republic
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Black Walnut is a perfume by Banana Republic for men and was released in 2006. The scent is woody-spicy. It was last marketed by Inter Parfums.

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Harry Frémont

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesCognac
Heart Notes Heart NotesTobacco
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6.8 (44 Ratings)


6.1 (30 Ratings)


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7.3 (35 Ratings)
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Greatly helpful Review    30
One blow please!
It was not far to the future in-laws, but they had insisted that the bride should traditionally stay at her old home on the eve of the wedding, alone and without him. Well, the next morning, he was on his way to see them. In the car he went through everything again while driving. Fine suit, hair combed, shoes polished, handkerchief and change in the jacket and especially the rings on the man! He had also sprayed on plenty of the perfume Black Walnut. He wore it when they met on vacation in the Dominican Republic. He thought it suited the Caribbean then. She also liked Black Walnut on him and so he always took "their common scent" on special, two-season days
On holiday, it was mainly the strong, sweet and snappy rum/cognac/brandy note that harmonized well with the cocktails drunk and the life on the beach. Later at home and in closed rooms he liked mainly the sweet-tart, very aromatic and moist pipe tobacco aroma, which made him reach for Black Walnut again and again. Still reminiscing in his mind, he suddenly noticed traffic police and was then immediately waved aside by them.

"Good morning, traffic control. License and registration, please. Would you please open your window all the way down!?"

"What's up, Officer, somebody escaped? I'm on my way to the wedding and in a hurry."

"I guess they were celebrating yesterday, huh? It smells suspiciously strong of alcohol in here? Are they sober yet!"

"Constable, of course, both of us. And I'm the groom."

"Like the two of them, they're alone in the car?!"

"Of course we both are, because of course I am sober and you are hopefully also Mr. Hauptwachmeister."

"I didn't hear that. Please get out and stand by the car. She and her car smell like a barrel full of rum and they smoke too."

"The somewhat bitterish tone hangs in the upholstery and the vanilla-sweetish smell comes, among other things, from the box in the back seat full of tobacco, cigars and tobacco pipes. We had a lot of fun at the bachelor party and you are allowed to smoke."

"Yes, but not drinking and driving. Now we blow. So take a deep breath and blow into the mouthpiece until it beeps. I have to stand two meters away or I will smell like a bottle of brandy. Please wait, we'll check the results and the papers."

He had some air in time, but he was still tense because of the delay and started to walk around the car. Of course he knew that the trigger for the olfactory perceptions of the uniformed civil servant must have been the strong, alcoholic brandy note of his perfume. He was always surprised, however, that the fragrance achieved this with the vehemence shown. He liked it a lot though
"Sorry for the delay, we have checked the device again, but contrary to expectations, it has been confirmed: no alcohol in the air we breathe! Apparently the fresh air has done them and the car good anyway, because they almost smell clean again. Here are your papers please and have a safe trip!"

Glad to have made the interruption of the journey quickly behind him, he was always amazed at how quickly the beautiful Caribbean scent loses its power. As always, he waited in vain for cedar scent or woodiness, but is still satisfied with the sweetish warm feel-good factor. Arrived at his destination and shortly before getting out of the car, his pocket sprayer comes into action once again with the claim to smash a convincing "yes" to his bride in a fragrant way, even if some people in the surrounding area may think for sure, but they are already drunk as hell!
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77 Reviews
Simple and Nice Boozy Scent
SOTD: Banana Republic Black Walnut: As of 01/05/19

A very simple nice boozy scent from Black Walnut, just love the simpleness of this fragrance with Cognac, Tobacco and Cedar well balanced and not overly cloying. Like everyone said performance/longevity is sub-par, to my skin I get around around between 6-8+ hrs which is above decent which is good again it varies in skin chemistry. A simple woody scent a would be part of my rotation. Is a must have


Scent: 8.25/10
Presentation/Design: 7.5/10
Value: 9/10
Performance/Longevity: 6.5/10
Overall: 7.5/10
8.0 6.0 8.0 8.0/10

0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    5
Flavoured Cavendish
I find it difficult to pass perfumes whose own description, tobacco, is supposed to be the main theme. Too much I love the smell of fresh, unburned tobacco. Hardly any aroma appeals to me more positively and gives me more the feeling of cosiness. Often such modern "tobacco scents" are not worth mentioning, or only reflect a poor, rather chemically reconstructed illusion of tobacco. Since my time here on Parfumo, I was able to test some "tobacco scents" and came to the conclusion that many such scents seem too chemical for my taste, or contain far too much accessories. Also, unfortunately, some "tobacco scents" are overloaded or so strong that you hardly want to smell them for a whole day, especially those that try to imitate the aroma of pipe tobacco. Nothing against Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanilla, but real tobacco or pipe tobacco smells different. So it doesn't seem that easy to find perfume that contains an authentic tobacco aroma. But now back to Black Walnut from Banana Republic.

I would like to say in advance that I have never noticed the Banana Republic brand before. Only by searching here in the forum, logically for smells with tobacco aroma, I became aware of Black Walnut. The notes above made me curious how the fragrance would smell. Cognac, tobacco and cedar simply sounded too interesting not to dare a test. Fortunately it was added that obviously the smell was adjusted, because one gets hundred Milliliter up-to-date at very favorable prices. So there's no great risk. However, my skepticism was quite great, because in general clothing brands, especially those that like to present themselves "exclusively" and bring fragrances onto the market under their name, are not really the big hit. There is sometimes a little inspired chemistry bomb in the portfolio. Black Walnut is here an example that one can receive a high-quality genre smell for under twenty euro. But what makes Black Walnut so praiseworthy? The answer is simple, it's his simplicity. The fragrances mentioned above can be safely forgotten. I think you're just misleading. Because even after repeated testing, there are no notes of cedar wood or cognac, let alone a great fragrance course in the fragrance again. One may be allowed to judge this critically, but for me, as a great fan of tobacco flavours, this is precisely the attraction.

Black Walnut is initially quite alcoholic after application, but does not smell of cognac, but rather smells of fusel. Whoever thought that the scents contained notes of cognac certainly had no idea how high quality cognac smells. Fortunately, this impression hardly lasts more than five minutes, because then the tobacco begins to unfold. This unfolding reminds me a little of the aroma of a can of Savinelli Cavendish tobaccos paired with notes of the Springwater cigarette from Dimitrino, which unfortunately have been discontinued. Specifically, this aroma and Black Walnut is characterized by its warm, slightly moist tobacco sweetness, which becomes increasingly intense and contains light notes of spice vanilla and Makassar wood. Mind you, everything without a lot of accessories and with rather medium Sillage, which does the smell however distinctly good, because otherwise there would be the danger of an "overkill" in tobacco aroma. Black Walnut does a lot right with this if you can get something out of this theme and are ready to wear a linear, hardly changing fragrance. Black Walnut is therefore a beautiful companion for grubby days when the warm tobacco aroma creates a cosy atmosphere of enjoyment
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5.0 5.0/10

130 Reviews
Very helpful Review    6
Generica Absolut
I was aware of the poor reviews for this scent (thanks Digindirt for the sample!) before I obtained it, but I couldn't pass up the opportunity to smell walnuts in fragrance form. To cut to the chase, I'm still looking for that experience, because there are no walnuts in this scent! For the long version, read on.

Black Walnut goes on with an earthy vetiver, which is then surrounded by a fresh, clean, creamy sort of scent. Though feminine-leaning, it is crisp and sharp. This reminds me faintly me of CK "Euphoria" or Juicy Coutere's "Dirty English", although with better longevity than the latter; however, both of those scents have more presence and simple oomph than BW.

By four hours it has whispered down to a faint sweetness. Then some aromatic herbs take over for little while. This is the best phase of this scent, but even it doesn't last. By eight hours, there's nothing left to smell.

With that said, BW is not a bad scent. It's not offensive, but neither is it compelling or even interesting. If you're looking for something to wear and you find this cheap, it will work for you. Everyone else, don't slow down as you pass this one by.
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7.5 5.0 5.0 6.0/10

362 Reviews
Black Walnut
I thought it was going to be a a sharp
daring scent but i'v got is a tame
scent of cloying vanilla
i don't smell any evdidence of rose or
spices and i can detect cherries like
cherry cough syrup it does smell like
cherry cough syrup. i ponder that should
i swap it or not because it's hard to find but i'm not crazy about it's scent
i don't hate it but i'ts nothing to go
ooooooooh ahhhhhhhh about i have to think this over.


Itchynose 122 days ago
The short-lived cognac note is beautiful, everything else is rather forgettable.+2

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