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Icon - 78 Vintage Green by Banana Republic
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Icon - 78 Vintage Green is a popular perfume by Banana Republic for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is citrusy-green. It is still in production.

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Gino Percontino

Fragrance Notes

Bergamot, Green leaves, Mandarin, Magnolia, Jasmine, Green tea, Fig, Cedarwood, Musk, Vetiver



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8.0 5.0 6.0 8.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    44
What lasts long
Last year I noticed this scent here. Something appealed to me and then I put this on my watchlist.
For fragrances that arouse my interest, I first check if they are available at all in these latitudes and do not have to be sent by Aborigines by mail and if the price is in the dimensions I am willing to pay.

Now both was given, the price at that time with approximately 30€ online even extremely affordable. So noticed, but then forgotten again. In winter, when you're bored and your watch list goes through, I looked at it again and threw it out again. Fresh scents were not the goal and I concentrated on those that fit the season/season.
At the beginning of the year I came across this scent again, put it back on my watch list and after some time I took a closer look again. Maybe I'll order a bottling, but for the price a blind purchase was also a consideration. But after further research, I found fig is in there. I've never been very good with figs. So I kicked him out again and this time he stayed out too.

Fig in fragrances is like Haribo Colorado, these funny brown biplanes where in the middle is liquorice. Everything else is kind of good, but don't you put those things in your mouth. Bah!

Yesterday I went shopping and went to the local Rossmann. As a man with Rossmann, it's always such a thing. Even when you walk in, it's like being in a Western when the outlaw enters the saloon. The music stops playing and everyone stops moving and remains in his last movement. The cashier looks at you, pulling the depilatory cream still over the scanner, in the queue the murmur about the better shampoo for greasy hair silences and the pregnant Celina rams with her baby carriage the Gilette Aufsteller.
Only 2 children take no note of me, they argue which sweets they are allowed to take with them and absolutely want another can of Fanta from the fridge.
All the other women look at me and wonder what I'm doing here. In some eyes I recognize possible answers from "he must buy tampons for his old man", or "well, he probably doesn't look for shampoo here!"
When I was then able to purposefully approach the perfume shelf and avoid some prams and shopping carts, the employee responsible for me approached me and asked me what I was looking for. Like the Terminator in the movie, my brain was looking for matching answers...

A: I am looking for a competent employee
B: Is there anything from Rathiopharm?
C: Sarah Connor?
D: I just look and now go away

Well I decided for a more harmless variant D and just looked what was going on. After 5 min I discovered the Vintage Green in this manageable smell shelf and thought to myself only "yes cool, then I can test the nevertheless times"
I sprayed 2-3 sprayers from the tester onto my arm and put the sprayer back again. I noticed how big the package is by packing the 75ml. While I was sniffing my arm I looked further, and I noticed that after a short citric prelude the scent turned pleasantly green. Fresh grass came out, which I liked directly. Very summery.
After I strolled through the rows, I still felt the smell for good, I went back to see what it costs at all. I had completely overlooked the giant sign under the Vintage Green and it said reduced from 34,99 to 19,99!
HALLELUJA! and directly such a fat Mopped snatched and to the cash. You can't do anything wrong with that.

At home again more intensively on the arm and today again completely with diesel and I must say, there I did everything right.
After the already mentioned short citric start with bergamot and mandarin, the fragrance ignites a greener firework of grasses. I would like to emphasize in advance that this is perhaps the only moment that reminds you a little of Mugler Cologne. Otherwise they have nothing to do with each other.

Because then the green tea, which plays the main role in this fragrance, starts here. Together with a few floral notes and just a hint of fig, the fragrance stays very close to you for a few hours. I would therefore not say, as described above, that this is a citric fresh scent, but a green fresh scent. That's what distinguishes him from others, let's say colognes or freshies. Sillage has the first hour, if at all, when the citric still resonates slightly. The base will then sound a little more woody.
The whole thing can be worn on hotter days, the refreshment is moderate, but it remains a very neat appearance. Yes the scent looks well dressed and is wearable all year round, but best when the sun is shining.
Synthetically I don't find it very special, there are such fragrances as Bvlgari Aqua or Azzaro Chrome much worse in my nose. Apart from the nose pasture, the presentation is also a feast for the eyes.

The bottle of thick glass and heavy lid lies in a fat box, which can be pushed sideways, as for example with the Note de Yuzu. There can be some sublime manufacturers like to copy something.

All in all a great alternative for the coming season, especially at the current price. If the citric is sometimes too much for you, you should have a look at it.
29 Replies
8.0 5.0 5.0 8.0/10

0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    7
First yellow, then green and white
If you are looking for a spring or summer scent, you might stumble across the vintage green of Banana Republic. Rated pretty good everywhere and yet pretty cheap. Something's not right. Fortunately, I found this fragrance in the local drugstore and decided, after two tests, to get it for myself.
The presentation of the Vintage Green is, as with any other fragrance from the Icon Collection of Banana Republic, especially for the money, already something special. Large and pretty box, from which you can pull out the bottle. The bottle itself is kept simple, just like the packaging. Simpel in this case does not mean cheap, but simple, valuable. The bottle and especially the lid bring a lot to the table and give you the impression of high quality. Only the lettering could have been more elegantly implemented.
The presentation is already above average. Is it the scent too?
First of all, I want to emphasize that this fragrance is very natural throughout the composition and not synthetic. Banana Republic seems to pay attention to high quality fragrances.

At the beginning of the composition, No. 78 smells citric, fresh (bergamot, mandarin). This freshness is underpinned by green notes, which are initially only slightly expressed. These green notes, however, take over after about 10 minutes. Now do vintage green green. The fragrance remains fresh (vetiver) without losing its green notes. In the drydown, the musk is well smellable and it becomes a little sweeter.
I personally like the scent very much. If I had to create a drawing matching the fragrance, I would try to depict green leaves, a little grass with tangy citrus fruits on top.

One drawback of this fragrance is its shelf life. Unfortunately, on my skin the scent lasts hardly longer than five hours. The Sillage is summery reserved, perhaps a little too reserved.
But it doesn't change the fact that I received a compliment the first time I wore it.

In summer this fragrance is excellent to wear and versatile. Useable for leisure, the office or as a discreet scent for a date.
For the price, Vintage Green is a bummer. I would also pay a little more if necessary, because the smell is already something special. No "wow", but definitely a very pleasant summer scent.
6 Replies
8.0 6.0 6.0 8.0/10

0 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    14
Successful hybrid of Creed, Hermès and Mugler
Usually I don't care about fragrances that have a temporary hype. Often my expectations, fed by numerous positive comments, are rather disappointed than confirmed. Vintage Green from Banana Republic is once again an example of how quickly you can get carried away by a hype. In some forums it is almost celebrated as an olfactory stroke of genius and it is rumoured that prices will soon rise strongly, allegedly prices of over one hundred euros per bottle are already being called up on the Internet. Be that as it may, here in the province Vintage Green is offered for sale at a large drugstore chain, just for small money. Reason enough for me to follow the hype and see if my prejudices will be refuted this time. Banana Republic presents its Icon series in a more niche style and so it's no wonder that the bottle feels very valuable and the spray mechanism produces a very fine mist.

More important for us than the presentation are of course the "inner values" of the bottle and they seem to be very pleasant when you first try them out. Vintage Green gives me a very natural and slightly spicy fresh bergamot-mandarin note, which reminds me a bit of essential bergamot or mandarin oil and is grounded directly by a "green leaf note". This "green leaf note" can best be compared with the scent of fresh green pruning or hedge wood. Removed this note also reminds me of the scent of our summer privet hedge, a mix of earthy and green leafy notes warmed by the sun. That's quite a pleasant start, really nothing groundbreaking, but also far away from chemical uniform mush. After about fifteen minutes, however, the actual dominant note of green tea appears and here I have to pay respect to Banana Republic and the perfumer respectively. As an avowed green tea drinker I recognize here quite clearly the aroma of freshly brewed Gyokuro, this unmistakable slightly sweet-mild note rises directly into your nose. Vintage Creen brings a smile to my face here at the latest. After about a quarter of an hour, this blend of green tea, essential bergamot and mandarin is followed by clear notes of vetiver and musk. Vintage Green is now turning in a direction more reminiscent of Creeds Original Vetiver and Mugler's Cologne and is increasingly being shaped by vetiver and musk. Both scents I have already tested once and I have reserved for the summer. However, Vintage Green does not become a classic vetiver fragrance at this point, but retains its sweet notes and sometimes reveals a hint of green tea. But the drydown is really interesting, because here I can't see any difference to Un Jardin En Méditerranée by Hermès, because both scents smell exactly the same for my nose at this point. Vintage Green is thus a successful hybrid of these three fragrances, complemented by a very nice green tea note and towards the end a minimal fig note.

But for whom is Vintage Green now a buyer? I would say for friends of the three fragrances mentioned above who want the best elements in a fragrance from each of the three fragrances. A sparkling fresh opening á la Original Vetiver, a musky creamy base á la Mugler Cologne and the Hesperides freshness of Un Jardin En Méditerranée with the light fig note. There are some limitations to be made with regard to shelf life and sillage. For more than six hours you will hardly notice the scent and the Sillage is more reserved in summer. Nevertheless Vintage Green is a very nice fragrance, which at least convinced me not to condemn every hype directly as stupidity. Anyone who can get it at a reasonable price should strike quietly
1 Replies
8.0 6.0 6.0 8.0/10

3 Reviews
Reapply and refresh yourself!
Opens up with very natural juicy citruses.
After 5 minutes it is a pleasant green fresh scent.
Drys down to a slightly sweet fig on clean flowery background.

P. S.
Don’t search for a "green fig leaves scent", the fig here is the sweet fruit in the drydown.


Carlitos01 30 days ago
Citrus and green scents for a very refreshing fragrance. Unusual quality for this price. It's a very "Hermés" type of perfume. Recommended!+3

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