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Deep Slumber Mountain by Barnaby Black
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Deep Slumber Mountain is a popular limited perfume by Barnaby Black for women and men. The release year is unknown. The scent is green-spicy. The production was apparently discontinued. Limited Edition

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Fragrance Notes

Fraser fir resin, Red spruce, Mountain hemlock needle, Virginia pine, Lichen, Moss, Dirt, Campfire



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Submitted by AmyAmy, last update on 24.11.2019.

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68 pieces have been made.
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19 Reviews
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Greatly helpful Review    13
Juniper Ridge is Your Friend
At first I thought of a conspiracy: Juniper Ridge went underground (with its scents). Barnaby Black showed up. Was this the unofficial sequel, perhaps better placed for marketing reasons? On the other hand, the advertising style of both brands is quasi-identical. 100% nature in full broadside, inlaid, steamed, chopped. Lumberjack shirt instead of evening dress.

Right at the start: Even after testing all the brands, I can't say for sure. They are really very similar, in smell and in spirit.

Deep Slumber Mountain is my favourite out of the line. Why?
The strength of these "sauna nature" perfumes is sometimes also their weakness. Pure nature can be quite exhausting. I like these scents, even if they often end up in the room scent category with other perfumes (understandably). But especially in the coniferous forest scents you can usually find such a dry, sharp note, which is a permanent problem for me. This includes some Barnabys and the JRs also almost all.

DSM, on the other hand, is taking a good turn. In the beginning, I think of the fresh, camphor-like and then dry-sharp appearance of the additional pine. Slightly resinous in the background. But there I find the counterpart to the green antagonist, a slightly sticky sweetness that remains constant behind, while the coniferous forest retreats in the course of the day. Especially in the base this is pleasant and fragrant.

Radiation is intense in the first moments, but then quickly falls to close to the skin. It's okay. They don't want to fill the divided office with this anyway. Durability is with approx. 8h for me also in order.

Related fragrances:
- "Tiger's Nest" by KoRo Perfumes (rare, but also a great natural fragrance brand)
- "Seve de Pin" by DSH Perfumes

I don't want to give highest marks to DSM, because it is a situational fragrance and also more than perfume.
Nevertheless he manages the difficult balancing act between portable and "beautiful in space". If I were to get one of the Barnabys, it would be this one. Nature in the bottle.
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Greatly helpful Review    22
Smelling material
The scent of'Deep Slumber Mountains' does not slumber in the front, it is almost sedated. It's essentially limited to... No, I'll start differently: If I were the editor of the authoritative standard work on rubbing brandy and had the intention of adding a smelling material to the new edition, today's candidate would be best suited in his first hours to cover an astonishing number of conceivable manifestations.

The beginning, however, is by no means monotonous. Practically everything is there right from the start, only the parts by weight shift a little: the resinous camphor-like parts, including the sweaty appeal. A needle-like bitter-green mixture. Juicy, like a broth of freshly rubbed, soft needles. Only one trace of sweetness already points the way out of the rub-in centre anthology.

After two or three hours, the scent is much more balsamic and nutty. A creamy sweetness has developed, which nevertheless does not deny its needle-like roots and from which gradually warm, spicy smoke emerges. It remains an accessory.

The second spring of needlework is more worth mentioning. After three hours it comes through again and combines bitter green with a swab of almost lemony freshness - as an unusual addition to the creamy base structure. But already at noon the scent recedes quickly and is by far the most fleeting Barnaby out of my 6-sample pack (many thanks to Yatagan!). He is also the most tender plant among his siblings when it comes to radiation.

Conclusion 1 - in front: I should not be surprised if'Deep Slumber Mountains' (not least because of its natural scent) was suitable for rubbing aching joints. However, that would be a price-wise quite exclusive pleasure.

Conclusion 2 - behind: Cream scent once completely, completely differently. Who is tired of the eternal sun cream or the permanent musk, but likes it creamy, try this one.
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63 Reviews
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Awaken the Mountains
Deep Slumber Mountain is an ode to the Frazer fir. This endangered tree, which can only be found in small stands in North Carolina and Tennessee. It has a very special aroma and, due to its rarity, is not often found in this way in fragrances. At least not as a natural ingredient. The Frazer fir and the ubiquitous red spruce thus dominate the image of many northern slopes of the Appalachian Mountains. Also the olfactory image - the fingerprint of the region.

Approximately 90% of the populations of this tree species have been destroyed in North America and the Appalachian Mountains. The reason for this was only indirectly man. Almost the entire population of North America was infected by the introduction of a certain plant louse (fir tree louse) in 1900. The reaction to the animals causes a kind of infarct or dying of thirst of the tree. The resin flow comes to a standstill. Initially regions, soon the whole tree, dies off. Dead areas turn reddish brown. A good 80% of the populations fell victim to this parasite, especially since the 1950s. In addition, due to its very symmetrical growth, the Frazer fir was and is also very popular as a Christmas tree (e.g. White House Christmas Tree). Reforestation is very slow.

Barnaby Black now went to the old, natural reserves of this endangered tree species for his fragrance "Deep Slumber Mountain". There, side by side with the red spruces, the 15 meter high trees stand in their dark green. The undersides of the needles shimmer silvery and the branches incline upwards towards the sunlight. In the presence of such rare, natural populations and above all, so old Frazer firs, an aroma apparently develops that the poor, bred 2-metre Christmas trees of the same species have difficulty reaching. Barnaby Black collects everything from the tree. The small cones, broken branches, bark ...

Everything carries the scent DNA. Just the resin, as long as it flows (and does not coagulate through a parasite forever), is very aromatic and carries this typical, deep, warm green scent, which I associate with forest here too. In addition, the Frazer fir is close in aroma to the Balsam fir. Only in my opinion, in my natural form, softer and yet with a lot of depth. The deep olive green of the fragrance on the skin gives here an additional visual home.

Through the combination of even more olfactorically active components of other tree species, a beautiful, albeit melancholic picture of an old forest is created. Groups of wild trees. Drawn by an invasion. The last of its kind. Born in the woods. As forest.

PS: By the way, Mathew and his crew often bring the "taken" parts of the forest back to the place of the "harvest", so that the components can work again in the cycle of their ancestral ecosystem.
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