Colors de Benetton Man Black by Benetton

Colors de Benetton Man Black 2019

04.10.2021 - 02:42 PM

Great bargain, great find

Here's a perfume that I didn't have much expectation of and it presented itself in a very pleasant way. This is really a very different one from what Benetton usually releases: fresher, herbal, light...

This one has a much more spicy feel. It opens with a very subtle note of bergamot and soon after comes the nutmeg that joins an explosion of black pepper. In the heart, notes of lavender, patchouli, vetiver and leather appear more discreetly. Woody notes, vanilla, amber and musk appear at the base, of which only the musk almost disappears.

Benetton risked differentiated woody and spicy notes (black pepper) and got it right!

It is a fragrance that leaves the "common sense" of Benetton fragrances. I would say that he "risked" and released a non-standard creation.

It has modern chords, warm and spicy notes and the woody touch made it different. Its longevity and projection are good: initially they are bombastic, but later, despite fading, it remains around us.

I used it at an average temperature of 17°C and the longevity was pretty cool, around seven to eight hours. The projection was more timid, although very noticeable in the first hours. I think that in temperatures above 20°C the projection is better, but it can be too "aggressive" for some noses.

A great value for money (I only paid 6€ for a new tester), which is worth knowing!

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