Collection Grands Crus - Oud Wa Misk (2015)

Collection Grands Crus - Oud Wa Misk by Berdoues
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Collection Grands Crus - Oud Wa Misk is a perfume by Berdoues for women and men and was released in 2015. The scent is oriental-woody. It is being marketed by Groupe Berdoues.

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Thai oud, Musky notes, Frankincense, Patchouli



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Submitted by Michael, last update on 21.11.2018.
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The barking musk
Here I describe Oud Wa Misk, a scent of Berdoues. A brand that I remember above all for the beautiful Assam of India tea scent in the beautiful elephant bottle and which I have also tried Berdoue's scents on a regular basis ever since. You can see how certain things can influence you.

I bet if you bring out a new brand and stick the bottle with pictures of little kittens (or dogs, or funny platypuses, which by the way belong to the rare egg laying mammals (the other of these species are the ant hedgehogs), that's only a side note here as a smart-ass info!), then you won't forget such flacons for sure and you'll be curious to see more fragrances of the brand. Isn't it the same with you guys? Yeah, I knew that! D

So after some tested scents of this brand I come to the Oud Wa Misk, as mentioned before, too. So you can think for yourself what this fragrance will be all about, but it seems to fit the cold season right now!

The fragrance:
You smell oud at the beginning. No pungent, no annoying, but a nice Oud with a clearly perceptible, soft resinous note, which is the incense. A little sweetness is present, which I also find quite nice, which seems to come from the musk (only a little later one recognizes then also more exactly that the sweetness comes from the musk).
A little later the animal notes also appear. I write extra animalic notes, because these are actually the musk, but besides the well-known musk fragrance they also radiate a special, more bitter note or sharpness and the musk thus seems more "animalic" than usual, and thus reminds a bit more of the fragrance radiation of for example Zibet. In my opinion it is not disturbing now (I write this, because not many people seem to like this kind of animal notes), because it is softened by incense.
In the background you can smell the indicated patchouli. An earthy scent, which you can only smell if you smell close to the source, in this case the sprayed skin area. In the scent cloud one usually only perceives oud, and above all the musk, which as mentioned above smells more animal than usual.
As you might already know from some Berdoues scents, this scent is not very complex, so that you can smell only a few scents, but they are almost unchanged over a longer period of time. So you can smell musk and oud in the later base, which smell almost like at the beginning of the scent. And that's it, then.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The charisma is good. So you can smell it well on one or the other, because you already leave a scent cloud with it and the scent is, if you overdo it with spraying, also a little room-filling.
The shelf life is quite good, the fragrance lasts about ten hours and maybe a little longer.

The bottle:
First of all, the bottle has the basic shape of most Berdoues bottles. So it's high, rectangular, but with rounded edges and thin. In the inner glass wall you can see a motif or a pattern that looks oriental here. For me it's not the most beautiful bottle of the brand, but it's not ugly at all. Besides, he's good in the hand. Only the lid, which is simply black and cylindrical, looks like so often something quickly created by the way. Well, a nice bottle, but I like the elephant bottle more :)

So, I'm okay with this smell here. Not really spectacular, not so great that you should have tested it at least once, but also not so bad that it would have to run away. Maybe he will find his lovers who want musk to be more animalistic, but at the same time also like oud right.

The fragrance itself is as already described very simple, as the two fragrances mentioned are actually the only fragrances here, which radiate almost unchanged over a longer period of time. Its type is an autumn and winter scent, which in my opinion is something for the day, as it does not smell nice enough or spectacular enough to go out.

You don't have to test it now, but that's up to you, because there are some freaks who just have to stick their nose in everywhere, and that's no joke, I know some here who would really like to try every scent in the world and even drag me into small meetings by dragging me into every shop that offers only one bottle... *sigh* :D

And with that I have already arrived at the end and wish you a nice evening! :)
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