Midnight Heat by Beyoncé

Midnight Heat 2012

06.12.2020 - 05:26 PM

Sugared fruity floral delight

Tested the original Heat at my local store as they were stocked up for Christmas. Heat was too fruity and sweet for my palate. Then I saw Midnight Heat and decided to buy it because it contained plum and patchouli notes. The packaging could be improved. The bottle is a bit difficult spray due to its shape, thus requiring two hands, one to hold the bottle. Or having to spray it on pulse points while resting the base on the counter, but being careful to not drop it. At first spray, this is also very sweet, reminding me of candied fruits. The sweetness lingers as the floral notes appear. Although amber and patchouli are base notes, I picked these up along with the plum from the initial spray. Floral notes are quite blended and the peony is quite subtle. Essentially this is a very sweet plum patchouli fruity floral with a bit of sandalwood appropriate for young women and women who are young at heart. In my opinion, this is a casual scent appropriate for evenings out and colder weather. In the heat of summer in blazing sun, this scent would be too cloying because of its sugary sweetness. Reminds me a bit of Escada fragrances due to its sweet fruity composition.

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