Cedar N' Pepper (2019)

Cedar N' Pepper by Birkholz
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Cedar N' Pepper is a new perfume by Birkholz for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is woody-fresh. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesRose, Pink pepper
Heart Notes Heart NotesWhite cedar, Cashmere wood
Base Notes Base NotesMusk, Amber



8.5 (14 Ratings)


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7.5 (17 Ratings)
Submitted by Einfachich, last update on 14.05.2020.
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A small contribution to the 200.
Good afternoon Welcome to Duft oder Schuft. My name is Dorian Wurstbusch and I welcome you here in the studio and at home on the television screens. A new format that is all about fragrances and as the first guest I welcome a man that some will know. The Master of Disaster, the King of Swing, the poet from the pot, the splitter of the fragrant nation..here is Schoork!

There is a reason why we have invited you, because you have written the 200th comment in the meantime. That's a handsome number. Congratulations
"Thank you. Yes, who would have thought at the beginning that I would stay with it for so long and penetrate the community again and again with my spiritual outpourings, but it still makes me happy, even if I have reduced my workload compared to the beginning, but you don't have to say a word about everything."

200x Schoork also means 200 fragrances that have sometimes gone well and sometimes less well. What is more beautiful to describe?

"It is more fun to comment on a beautiful scent, you are enthusiastic yourself and this is transferred to the words mostly. Whereby a really bad smell sometimes has something to tell. There were some nice stories."

What did you pick for the 200th commentary? A beautiful or rather not so beautiful ?

"I have chosen a very beautiful fragrance. In addition, it has not yet been described much and there has been no comment on it. Cedar N'Pepper by Birkholz. The brand itself is also relatively new."

That arouses curiosity. Birkholz doesn't tell me anything now either
"Understandable. Birkholz comes from Berlin, runs his own business in Charlottenburg and is family run. Father Nasyr Birkholz comes from Iraq and is married to a woman from Berlin. The 2 sons grew up mainly in Teltow. Nasyr Birkholz has worked for 20 years in the beauty industry, selling cosmetics for a German company in Iraq and elsewhere.
In 2010 the family founded their own company, BB by Berlin. The fragrance centre was opened at Europarc Dreilinden. 4 years ago the idea of a manufactory for individual fragrances was born, two and a half years later the perfume bar was opened not far from the Kurfürstendamm."

So it sounds very different from most fragrance companies.

"That was the beginning. In the meantime, the brand is also pushing into the classic houses. Douglas, Pieper and also in the Kadewe of course you can already find Birkholz fragrances. But you can still find on the homepage every single shop in Germany that carries them."

When we talked about the 100th comment at that time, Velvet Desert Oud was a very expensive fragrance, what does it look like here?

"There are three collections. The Berlin Collection and the Classic Collection are available from 30ml for about 70€. The Woody Collection to which the fragrance here belongs is the expensive Exclusive Line and is available for 269€/100ml"

Wow. No snapper.

"That's right, and if you ask me, that's pretty ambitious for such a young brand. The fragrance oil content is 18% and does not make the fragrance very loud. Cedar N' Pepper is a fresh unsweet fragrance, very serious, slightly spicy, very woody. A CEO fragrance, so totally business oriented. Already masculine, but not obtrusive, as the Sillage is very moderate. The fragrance has class and style and is for me the best I have come across from the house"

After the execution you should be given a bottle, that was good advertising. Dear Birkholz, I hereby launch the Bottle for Schoork campaign. All joking aside, I'm very fond of that scent.

"Me too. You can order a sample set with a total of 4 samples on the homepage, I made that and I think that is a good thing to get to know the fragrances. But I must also say that, as with any other brand, Birkholz also has rivets or something similar. These also have an Aventus, or a Tobacco Vanilla in their program. I don't know anyone now that smells like Cedar N' Pepper, but I don't want to rule that out either. You don't know everything
Is there anything you find negative about the scent here?

"The prize! Unfortunately I find him too quiet for the money, a little more power would do him good, just a little bit, the durability is quite good, a day in the office can be done with it."

But still a worthy 200th fragrance that you describe?

"Absolutely. A really nice serious scent. Nothing playful, nothing youthful, something for me and my generation. One that may need a little warmth, but still works well now. If you are in contact with customers professionally, you can't go wrong with it."

That sounds good, so one for me as a presenter too. By the way, we still have some congratulations for you from the world of celebrities.

This is Peter Maffay:
Hello, Pfreunde, hello, Schoork du altä Hupä. Congratulations on the 200th I am looking forward to further great comments from you and I am glad that I can go to the desk without a ladder to read them. Goodbye, Dangge. Dangge beautiful.

Stefan Raab:
Soooo, I don't know if you noticed, yeah? That's when the Schoork wrote his 200th commemoration and what happened? You never know. Yes, but I personally found this very interesting here about birch wood, but I still wear oak board...you know? Yeah? Congratulations, yes?

hey you, I think that's totally great with your comments you. I thought the other day that you somehow don't seem so peripheral to me and I think it's really good. Congratulations
The Fantastic 4:
MfG, with kind regards
The world is at Schoork's feet, because we're standing on it
We spray on it for a life of scent and smoke
Before we fall, we'd rather fall on
Yay Congratulations dear, dig in and dig out
Now we are almost at the end of our show again and the last word has our guest.

"I am touched, thank you very much. Well, what can I say? I can only say thank you Thanks to all readers who give me your precious time again and again.
Thank you for any feedback and the effort to write to me.
Thanks also to those who tolerate me in silence. It's not always easy
Thanks to the makers of the site and the users who fill the site with life and thanks that I can be a part of it Even if I don't always meet the taste and even if I don't always report on fragrances that interest the masses, I am all the more pleased when I get a visit from you.
Let's see if I can handle another 200 commies.

This fragrance is guaranteed not for everyone, be it the price, the fragrance as such, or for other reasons, but it has something and is worth a nose."

Thanks a lot and see you next time,

Your Dorian sausage bush
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