Mystic Haze by Birkholz

Mystic Haze 2020

01.08.2022 - 09:04 PM

Haze indeed

Starting smoky-sweet, and really pleasant and kind of appealing and addictive. Like you smell it and realise - it is not average, it is going to be a masterpiece.
The first blaze of the opening did not last long on my skin and after 10-20 minutes I started stretching my head trying to determine, what could it be, because it smelt like I had it already. Something lovely, but strongly familiar, something I like dearly and certainly have..... Bingo! Black Afgano!! Afgano is one of my very favourite, so no wonder I liked the Haze.
We were on holidays and my husband was particularly generous, so I was allowed to pull the trigger )))
Being a Maths teacher it did not take me long to calculate, which one out of those 2 would be a bargain.... Apparently, none, the price is pretty similar, so what is the point?
OOOh, there are actually some points: The Haze sounds richer, probably because of cardamon and chocolate notes.
Love it to bits, mystic mist and fog, want it! But why??? It is irrational!
That is why it is called Haze and Mystic one))))
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