14.02.2012 - 08:26 AM

Bringing back childhood favorite store.

When I was small I had a favorite store I always returned to. This shop was located in the neighbor town but since it wasn´t that far, me and my family visited almost once a month.

Until I smelled Bien loin d'ici I had almost forgot about that shop (not entirely) but this fragrance brings it back entirely. The shop was called Anarkali and was situated in a very small space hidden behind the stairs in a big shopping center. The shop was pretty much a "hippieshop" (this was in the mid 70'ies) and offered incense, perfumed candels, exotic perfume oils, indian fabric, clothes and bags, funny slippers, heavy bijouteries, colorful printings and all other kind of bric a brac. I loved it. I spend a great deal of my small allowence on incense, perfume oils, school bags (that was worn out in no time) and my first Palestinian scarf. :)

I can´t really tell what Bien loin d'Ici smells like, the notes are very seemlessly blended, to me it´s smells just like Anarkali, a childhood hideout and almost sacred place for me. In my teens the little shop closed, a much bigger shop with similar offerings was probably responsible for that. The new shop was a little cheaper, had a little more to chose from, was cleaner, tidier and even my mum liked it. But the small mystic of Anarkali it totally lacked.

Bien loin d'ici is a perfume oil, if you usually don´t like oils, I doubt Bien loin d'ici will change your opinion about oils. But, for me with parts of my childhood hippie heart intact, it works just perfect.

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