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Y06-S is a perfume by Blackbird for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is synthetic-fruity. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.
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Nicole Miller

Fragrance Notes

Banana, Electro-statical accord, Oud, Jasmine, Milk



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Submitted by Michael, last update on 02.07.2019.

Interesting Facts

"Y06-S" is the colour code of a yellow sketch marker by the brand Copic.
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Very helpful Review    15  
Bananal land
The scents of Blackbird are already special. To appreciate them, you probably have to know that people are big fans of science fiction. And so it would be best to explore the fragrances under the label "futuristic".

According to Blackbird, this fragrance represents a dystopic future in which bananas will no longer exist and rich people will wear synthetic fruit fragrances. I have to think of the movie "Bladerunner" (the original). So let's imagine a future in which there are more fruits, only artificial fruit notes, but since there are no more originals, the fruit notes also become more and more artificial. Bananas are, for whatever reason, the subject of an enticing myth, which is why everyone absolutely wants to smell banana scents around them.

Curtain up for "Y06-S." Banana totally and of the most artificial varieties - but the poor banana-less people of the future just don't know how real bananas smell. Jasmine they probably find ultra-sexy, so this should not be missing in any case. And, uuuuups, there are some burnt cable remnants in the mix tub - but that's hard to avoid, because Bananalessland is: Cable, everywhere Cable!

You don't have to find Y06-S sexy right now. Or portable. Or mass-market. Or suitable for a Sunday visit to the Omma. You just have to imagine that in another possible world, one that might be in the distant future, people find it sexy. And portable. And masses. And suitable for Sunday visits to the Omma hologram.

In short, only a few will probably want to wear the fragrance, but smelling it is an experience. And you can have a lot of fun with him if you get involved with something in the weird world of Blackbird.
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Helpful Review    3  
The electronic banana
Sounds weird at first... it's also!
A daring experiment, but at the same time also surprising. I assume that the scent polarizes strongly, especially because of the strong synthetical note.
Henry of Blackbird told me on Esxence that they had been researching the fragrance component for a long time, which leaves this typical impression of warm electronics. I think they did a good job. To like the scent you probably need a certain electro-affine prehistory. I still remember too well how as a teenager I often sat in front of our Commodore C64 and gambled with my buddies for hours or nights. At that time the computers were not "tres chique" in aluminium and glass, as they are today, but in an ordinary plastic case with large transistors inside, which became warm when the needles were constantly being removed and caused the pleasant smell of warm electronics and plasticizers evaporating from the plastic cases. That was my youth.
But quite apart from the nostalgic enthusiasm, I might add that I have a penchant for synthetic fragrances. Who likes e.g. Odeur 71 or 53 from CdG is also in good hands with the electronic banana.
The banana, however, is very discreet. When you know she's inside, you can smell her right away. If you don't know it, you only notice a trace of creaminess in the background, which literally holds the electronics together.
Not for everyone, not for every day, but always something extravagant to attract attention!
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