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Blue Waltz

04.02.2013 - 12:07 PM
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Adorable as the bottle!

I found a pair of these cute little bottles forgotten at my local drugstore. I find Blue Waltz to be more of a "blue fuzzy blanket" smell actually. It smells like Johnson's baby shampoo! The old original. Not a heavy powdery scent, it's lighter than I expected. Baby shampoo. That mildly powdery, lightly soapy, gently nostalgic scent. i find it great for sick days, or any day I want to feel happy or cozy. The lids on these are in bad shape. If anyone knows a convenient way to fabricate a new lid or something, I'd love to hear suggestions, as one bottle is evaporating due to a cracked lid. The second lid I cracked lightly also. These bottles are old! I can't believe the scent is still so fresh!
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