Amethyst by Boadicea the Victorious
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Amethyst is a popular limited perfume by Boadicea the Victorious for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is spicy-leathery. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production. Limited Edition

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesBlack pepper, Cinnamon
Heart Notes Heart NotesAmber, Woods
Base Notes Base NotesLeather



8.9 (15 Ratings)


8.5 (13 Ratings)


8.2 (13 Ratings)


9.5 (14 Ratings)
Submitted by WitweBolte, last update on 14.05.2019.

Interesting Facts

The scent is exclusively available at the department store Printemps in Boulevard Haussmann, Paris.
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1 Review
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Plum with a hint of plum
PREMIERE! For the very first time I can't smell anything, but also GAR NIX, out of the fragrance pyramid.
Otherwise, I DO NOT smell EVERYTHING, and HOW ONLY ONE CAN scan a half-full Boadi bottle.

It's like washing up a 450 Euro Pryn, or black parking, or not giving a lavender talk, or forgetting a Magenta Pröbchen, or putting centrifuges in the dishwasher, or shouting out your PIN at the bank counter, or bingewatchen Rick&Morty without sound, or strolling around with lipsticks, or wellness BEFORE it gets tiring, or just letting others do catering while you have better things to do with your time, z...B. to hang out in front of parking garages in medium-sized small towns, where cyclists can quickly get a fuffi on their pockets to avert major damage, and nerdy Sherlocks can recognize numerical series of pictures; Or simply have not taken their medication in time, or not at all.

Smells like plum.
With a hint of plum.
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Helpful Review    3
hot plum cake
Thanks to our dear Seraphima (Thank you very much my darling!) I had the pleasure to test this exclusive and limited fragrance.

From the first second on the cinnamon is very present. Often the scent of cinnamon develops too sharp, but this is not the case here.

Cinnamon, leather and wood start a threesome on my arm. That's the real deal. Although I only took a sprayer, half the house smells like amethyst and even in the garden it is well perceived despite a few meters distance
Leather and wood do not have as much endurance as cinnamon and need a breather. But Amber and a little plum continue to play with the cinnamon. The threesome has now turned into a lively fiver. The pepper probably stayed with me at home and didn't want to celebrate with me.

All in all, the fragrance is really great for me, well balanced and terribly delicious - like hot plum cake.

Thus the beautiful amethyst-colored bottle fits perfectly to this gourmand fragrance.

If he wasn't so exclusive, I would have already started into the next perfumery of my trust...
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6.0 8.0 7.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    7
Flickering claim to existence
Well, yeah. If one has concentrated on a few fragrances, one must not give in to the hope of encountering new revelations every day. But with my favourite brand I am of course a bit more generous.

In the beginning "Amathyst" reminded me of Hero and Vanquish from the same house. After a few minutes, however, a difference becomes apparent. Unfortunately rather to the negative, at least for someone like me, who rather lives "on the dark side of the scent". What was almost borderline with Hero in terms of the sweetness of dry woods, this fragrance transcends towards gourmand. I can't really imagine the cinnamon for this "weakness" I accuse him of, but a sweet amber, which is supposed to be used here, rather. My suspicions have been confirmed over time. Where, on the other hand, the black pepper is supposed to be is a mystery to me. It may be that it was in the air for a short time in the first milliseconds after actuating the spray head and caused a really sharp breeze during the first inhalation. But already with the second breath through the nose nothing of it was to be felt any more. Unfortunately, from my point of view.

A positive opposite for me is the leather, which appears here in a fresh, fortunately not acidic, variant. Neither too dark nor too light. That fits.

And so it wobbles back and forth between these two poles (light amber - medium leather). Unfortunately, the whole thing remains very close to the skin.

"Amathyst" isn't a bad scent at all. But anyone who has recently been extensively involved with the not a few new BtV releases could also come up with the idea that a "waste product" should be given a coat of exclusivity and limited edition. But I also don't know whether one can expect more in view of the resulting and foreseeable low demand / sales. From my subjective point of view, this artificial shortage is a questionable sales model anyway.

In any case, it remains for me to thank the tireless Seraphima, who are constantly putting themselves at the service of this community, without whose "international connections" there would still be a gap here.
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