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Glistening 2019

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02.08.2020 - 12:49 PM

BTV Glistening / Initio Oud for Greatness

Last week I ordered for a gorgeous Xerjoff attar at a niche perfumery. Together with my order, they gift me five samples of perfumes.
As an avid collector of perfumes, my eyes sparkled when I saw that among them there were samples of Boadicea, a brand that only in two perfumeries in my country you can smell or buy them (and not in my city). With all the illusion in the world, I tried the first one, BTV Glistening. What a disappointment I felt when I noticed I was smelling Initio Oud for Greatness. It is true that there are moments when nutmeg is more predominant in Boadicea than in Initio, but in general, the smell is exactly the same.
The perfume is great (if you like Oud for greatness you have to like this one, and I like it a lot). The bottle is very nice (like all Boadicea bottles), but is it worth the price? Not for the smell (Oud for Greatness is not cheap either). If you are a bottle collector, it depends on your economy.
Considering the price range of Boadicea perfumes, I was expecting something different, not a copy.
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Dni1977Dni1977 2 years ago
Something strange happened when I tested this fragrance on my skin. I sprayed it on my right hand, I smelled it and then my brain thought: I know this, it's Thameen's Carved Oud. Then, I sprayed my Carved Oud on the left hand and both were very, very, very,...