Dolce di Giorno by Bois 1920

Dolce di Giorno 2013

09.05.2018 - 09:48 PM
Very helpful Review

Beautiful and unique unisex scent

Up top I get a cinnamon-spicy, sweet and woody plum. Fairly strong, very natural. Great blend. Over the first 10 minutes, the scent gets more and more woody. Ultimately, I get a VERY strong cedar wood on top of a sweet and spicy cinnamon plum. SUPER WOODY and pretty spicy when smelled up close. Sillage is more sweet cinnamon plum, with a hint of vanilla. Most definitely unisex, but may lean very slightly more masculine than feminine. 30 minutes in, woods and spices tone down and the scent smooths out quite a bit. Plum, cinnamon, and vanilla remain at forefront. Sweet and pleasant. A classy gentlemen could pull this off. Well-dressed and confident. Could be worn day or night. A woman could pull it off too. Might be a little too spicy and woody for some women at first (imo), but I think the dry down would be appreciated. I really appreciate this scent. For the Spring, Autumn, and Winter.

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