Rosa di Filare Kimono Rose (2010)

Rosa di Filare / Kimono Rose by Bois 1920
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Rosa di Filare is a perfume by Bois 1920 for women and was released in 2010. The scent is floral-fruity. It is still in production.

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Enzo Galardi

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesCalabrian bergamot, Lychee, Chinese mandarin, Blackcurrant
Heart Notes Heart NotesBamboo blossom, Bulgarian rose, Lily-of-the-valley, Turkish rose absolute
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Iris, Asian patchouli, Lebanon cedar



7.4 (89 Ratings)


7.4 (74 Ratings)


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7.4 (79 Ratings)
Submitted by Lila, last update on 19.01.2020.
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Greatly helpful Review    11
The geisha scent?
Hello again :)
Today I come to Rosa di Filare by Bois 1920, a brand that I think is great, but unfortunately far too few fragrances of it could really test so far. One of the reasons is that I haven't even been able to find this brand in niche perfumeries yet (at least here in Frankfurt). Maybe this has changed in the meantime, because I last asked or searched for these fragrances a year ago, which I hope very much, because Bois 1920 seems very interesting to me.

Anyway, this scent used to be called Kimono Rose.

So, but why kimono? Well, what I, as the worst botanist in the world, of course didn't know was that the Kimono Rose is really a real rose that should survive even heavy rain. I still couldn't figure out why this rose is called "Kimono", but somebody here could tell me for sure, couldn't they?
Anyway, I'll get the scent!

The fragrance:
At the beginning I smell a mix of rose and currants, powdery notes and an initially jasmine-like sweetness, which soon smells more like amber. In the background I smell a little lychee, which however becomes fast hardly still smellable. The earthy patchouli also smells in the background, but much stronger than the lychee.
The fragrance soon becomes increasingly powdery-sweet. The sweetish one comes from the amber or smells like amber, the powdery one is the "work" of the iris. The patchouli is now also better smellable, but remains rather soft. Also woody notes gradually "emerge" and smell of a mix of soft guaiac wood and a bit more bitter cedar.
In the base the fragrance is still sweet and powdery, whereas the sweetness now also smells of musk and not only of amber. The earthy scents as well as the woods are still present, but smell quite soft, which is due to the generally soft radiance of the fragrance. I perceive the roses a little less in the base. To be honest, I even have difficulties perceiving roses in the base at all, but I perceive more generally flowery scents. All in all Rosa di Filare is a very beautiful, gentle fragrance!

The Sillage and the shelf life:
The charisma is above average and will therefore be good to smell from close up for a while, as the sweet scents and floral notes in particular radiate more strongly. I found the shelf life quite good for a gentle fragrance, even quite good with over eight hours.

The bottle:
The bottle is pink and cylindrical with a steeper neck. The brand name has been incorporated on the front. The name of the fragrance is apparently not visible. The solid looking golden lid has a "used" look, so it looks flaked or used and is cylindrical at the bottom, while at the top it becomes a disc on which the brand name is engraved. A nice, but a little simple bottle.

Oh yes, Rosa di Filare or Kimono Rose is once again one of those fragrances that I'm sure would have to smell really wonderful with you ladies. And by the way, he is not one of those brightly coloured sweet scents, but despite his beautiful sweetness he also comes across as a little more mature, as he also smells of nice, earthy patchouli notes as well as bitter and woody scents.
It's definitely one of those elegant evening fragrances that you could use for going out and so on, and it's actually independent of the season (in my opinion anyway).

Interestingly enough, I didn't find the rose that is part of the fragrance name to be really salient, or this rose, the kimono rose, smells so different from "ordinary roses," that I have difficulty really recognizing it or perceiving it as intense. Especially at the end of the fragrance I perceive as described rather general, "flowery fragrances" than that I would really smell roses. You see, I don't know anything about roses, but I don't really know anything about flowers in general. Therefore I wrote at the beginning that I was the worst botanist ever :DD

Be that as it may, the scent is very testable and fragrant! So try it out if you're lucky enough to find the scent somewhere! And now I have arrived at the end and wish you all a nice evening! See you next time :)
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Voluptuous Rose
To my nose, the patchouli is every bit as important as the rose in Bois 1920 LE VOLUTTUOSE KIMONO ROSE. So it's true: voluptuous is indeed the key word to this composition! I was fortunate to receive a sample of this gorgeous creation from the generous Guusje, who raved with good reason about this perfume. (See her review and YouTube video, below...)

What I find surprising is that no one else is comparing this creation to Frédéric Malle PORTRAIT OF A LADY or Juliette Has A Gun LADY VENGEANCE or VENGEANCE EXTREME or Heeley HIPPIE ROSE, which is probably the closest of all. There really is a lot of patchouli in here--am I perhaps hyposmic to that note? Well, in any case, it smells splendid. Perhaps a bit too voluptuous for me to don in public, but at home it's a dream come true! All I need is a pink silk kimono, and I'm set.
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4 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
Perfect Rose
On my hunt for the perfect rose scent I stumbled upon some real great ones.
But Kimono Rose to me is what I hoped all other rose scents would have been...
I love it so much!
It is not too sweet, not to prominent but has decent silage, longevity on my skin is about 4 hours and the notes just compliment each other so great.
Perfect rose for all kind of occasions and well worth it's price tag.

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Hermesh 4 years ago
Fresh and fruity Rose, very light despite underlying patchouli. The freshness is a bit loud. Name amplifies association with spring in Japan.

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