Little Italy by Bond No. 9
Helpful Review    01/01/2012
5.0 2.0/10
Expensive Orange Juice
I like to think of Little Italy as very expensive orange juice, something which has proven to be an extreme disappointment for me seeing as though I am such a fan of the House of Bond No.9. Little Italy however, should just be pushed to the side and be forgotten about.

I don't say it to sound harsh, I say it purely out of frustration because this scent seems to fail on manyy levels. Its staying power is extremely poor, the scent itself smells very cheap and for me shows little to no representation of the "scents" of Italy. It seems as though Bond No.9 has taken some inspiration from the seaside villages where citrus fruit and oranges are abundant, and if that is the case with this fragrance, its execution is still poor and very uninspired.

Perhaps its just me, perhaps i'm not "getting their intention" or perhaps i have failed to fully comprehend what this fragrance is really all about it. But as far as i am concerned, as someone who owns the perfume and whom has forked out the $230 just to purchase it, its definetly not worth the money and is definetly a reason for why I now sniff everything before i buy it.
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