Little Italy by Bond No. 9

Little Italy 2004

27.09.2020 - 12:34 PM
No Civet Cats Were Sacrificed In The Production Of This Perfume
There is something truly addictive about Bond no 9 LITTLE ITALY. I don't know why. It's so simple, yet at the same time so enticing. I love, love, love to spray this stuff on. I have other orange-centric fragrances—including both of the Hermès Orange Verte versions—but the clean musk base of this one keeps drawing me back, again and again. The composition holds up extremely well in hot weather, without morphing into anything unpleasant, as can happen with some citrus scents. The base has an almost resinous quality, which makes this perfume, to my nose, much more than just another citrus cologne.

I am familiar with civet, which figures in both JOY and FIRST, of which I have bottles. As far as I can tell, there is absolutely no civet in this composition, and my cat, a board-certified civet detector, does not stir when I run a LITTLE ITALY-spritzed wrist under his nose. This is, believe it or not, a foolproof test, working best as he dozes peacefully, stirring slightly only to lick his lips—when and only when there is civet present in the perfume under inspection!

Although with such a fail-safe system in place, I don't really need any further assurance, it is probably worth observing—for the benefit of any skeptics harboring doubts about the accuracy of my civet detector—that the house which created this perfume, Bond no 9, does not list civet as a note. Given the weight and cogency of all of this evidence, it seems not unreasonable to conclude that anyone who thinks that he or she smells civet in LITTLE ITALY would do well to invest in a Neti pot.

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