Park Avenue South by Bond No. 9

Park Avenue South 2015

18.06.2021 - 01:58 PM

Bond number 'no'

Opening with the most synthetic of synthetic apples I've come across in my fragrance journey, this is not the most pleasant of perfumes. It feels cheap from the start and lacks the depth and complexity we've grown accustomed to with these niche kinds of fragrance houses.

Before the apple settles down a bit into a crispy fresh green one, it's coated with a glue like substance, or other chemical solvents and is quite aggressive and unpleasant to my nose. Luckily that doesn't last too long and stays fresh and bright for a while.

Once the top notes flash off a bit, a musky peach will start to dominate the overtones of this fragrance. It's quite indolic, overripe, leaning towards fermentation. Surely past its prime as a succulent tropical snack. I also perceive hints of raisins and the crispness transfers into a musty sweet blanket covering the air. It reminds me of those raisin-filled snack box cartons we had as a kid as an alternative to candy.

Deep down there are some white flowers, but it's hard to get past the heavy peach. Maybe on other skins this juice is more successful, but even on paper it can't tempt me. I will steer clear of this one and give away the remainder of my sample.

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