Saks Fifth Avenue for Her by Bond No. 9

Saks Fifth Avenue for Her 2007

25.03.2022 - 12:00 PM

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I've had a bottle of this for like, 10+ years. I smelled it in Saks and put it on my Christmas wishlist. This review is based off of that bottle, so time is a factor here (I see the reviews of this are from 2012). The sweetness has definitely come out more. The white floral is still there obviously but I just get creamy sweetness that's not childish. Nose to the bottle there is no alcoholic/acetone scent, just white floral sweetness.

I like using this as a base for more citrusy fragrances, like ELDO Cologne, to give it a kick. Overall this is a great every day perfume and nice for layering. I AM a "big white floral" person. Jasmine is my favorite note.
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