The Scent of Peace for Him (2013)

The Scent of Peace for Him by Bond No. 9
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The Scent of Peace for Him is a perfume by Bond No. 9 for men and was released in 2013. The scent is fruity-fresh. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPineapple, Bergamot, Juniper berry
Heart Notes Heart NotesBlackcurrant, Vetiver, Cedarwood
Base Notes Base NotesAmber, Musk, Moss, Patchouli



7.0 (87 Ratings)


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7.0 (76 Ratings)
Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 02.01.2020.
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6.0 7.0 7.0 3.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    43
Spongebobs At Home
A rupture is a destructive critique or review, which is often formulated by means of irony or polemics and considers the object of a discussion to have failed in the essential parts of its execution and objective. Wikipedia

Well there are things in this world that are important, necessary and indispensable like peace!
And then there are things that no one needs, yet many people like and some don't like at all, such as the smell of peace!
Even if you can't always read it out in my sentences, it hurts my soul to tear things apart, because on the one hand someone has made an effort to create something and on the other hand there are people who like the created. In addition for me here that the dear BlackbirdHH was so friendly and sent me a sample. Thanks for that, I've learned a lesson.

I often write away from the liver as they say so nicely, so it often sounds harsh when I criticize something and I don't want to offend anyone either, but WHAT IS THIS DENN?
The Scent of Peace consists of such an artificially sugared pineapple that my beard hair bends, rolls up and almost falls out and I'm reminded of my mother's bath additive, or was that your footbath? I don't remember, but lick me fat, it's unbearable. He has as much in common with Aventus as my account with Bill Gates. Who ever thought of that? Maybe that's how it smells at Spongebob at home and deep in the sea it might be ok, but not like the Creed.

That's actually the bytes I write down here and upload not worth, my DSL line is also a little offended, but I still want you to know that the grottenschlecht is. So for my nose.

After the pineapple has spread out nicely (it doesn't get wider either) and feels like Spongebob has redecorated his apartment, it becomes woody and the musk makes the scent even more penetrating. I don't even notice juniper berries that I really like, nor amber or moss. With a lot of imagination and if the pineapple allows it, you catch something of the currant, that's it. It remains the foot bath Assoazion and quite honestly, so I do not want to smell and there I am used to some bonds also better, even if it is no secret that these are all very synthetic.
Ne friends, I can't report much positive about the fragrance except for one thing...the name!

Yes, the name is perfectly chosen, because honestly, that's how peace must smell.

In the war at the front it's enough to throw in a few puppets of it..all fall down..bam..peace!
Instead of water cannons on a demo the police can throw this one..all fall down..bam..peace!
Instead of nuclear warheads one should equip the missiles with the smell..all fall down..bam..peace!
A wall to Mexico? All Trump has to do is spray the border. Everybody falls down... bam... peace!
The rebels should have simply sprayed the Death Star with the scent..all fall down..bam..peace! for the whole galaxy!!!!!

I'm sorry if it sounds like I don't like the smell now. The truth is, I think he's really bad! There's no fly around it either. Although flies also like to sit on big piles. So somehow fitting.

A real synthetic sugar overkill in the shape of a can of pineapple, it goes better, it goes easier and smarter and much better. Maybe I'm just too old for this shit again. I suppose so. I'm also for Spongebob.

As always, I sincerely wish all owners a lot of joy with the fragrance. All those who have it on their watch lists can still think about it.

Complaints about this review can be sent as usual to the following address...

Mailbox Parfumo
On the Internet
Keyword "Make Love not War/poppen net kloppen"
24 Replies
6.0 10.0 10.0 10.0/10

59 Reviews
This has such a unique scent; I can’t put my finger on it
There’s a note in here that feels REALLY, REALLY familiar, but it’s not very common in many fragrances. I really love this note; it’s almost a “brand new” or “just opened” type of vibe. Like the kind of scent you get from inside of a brand new apartment or something. An “absolute FRESHNESS”. Is it worth the $400? That’s another issue. You CAN find them for more reasonable prices at Fragrancex and MaxAroma. Fragrance wise, I absolutely love it.

Also, I see a LOT of comparisons to Creed Aventus, but I definitely don’t think they even remotely smell similar. Just because there’s a pineapple note in it, that doesn’t make it the same wavelength. MAYBE is SLIGHTLY similar. The “mystery note” in the scent of peace simply hypnotizes... to an intoxicating degree. As much as I like Creed scents, I’ve personally found happiness in the Bond No. 9 line. The longevity and sillage are superior; at least 10-12 hours on my skin.
10.0 7.0 7.0 9.5/10

0 Reviews
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Very helpful Review    11
With all due respect
Come and have a look at STOTP I thought.
And I respect everyone and all opinions, but when I saw the ratings here from 1 to 2 points etc. I thought it would be a bad joke.

I personally would give here 9 to 9.5.
If others give 5 or 6 and if someone gives 1 also ok, well tastes are different, but it has to be like this:) PEACE

Now for the fragrance.
The pineapple can be smelled out, parallel to Aventus are there, but still far away from fragrance twin.
In the further course, which runs however very linearly, it becomes bisl less sweet, but fresher and cleaner.
By "clean" we mean that you imagine the most beautiful detergent there is and add 2 more classes.
I've actually been asked about my detergent before and it wasn't even STOTP yet.
The combination of berries, cedar and musk (whichever musk it may be) is indeed responsible for the slightly sweet fresh point.
Amber and Patchouli may adorn the written ingredients, but not the content, absolutely no trace.

Peace is certainly not the "everything revolves around me" fragrance like Nasomattos Duro or Noir de Noir by TF, but he had often had his moments with me.
For the warmer days with a nice polo shirt and some good mood he can be combined well and has not disturbed anyone after about 2.5 years.

Oh, yes, the bottle is Gentleman No.1, isn't it?
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0 Reviews
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No Peace for me :(
Hey dear community,

since this is my first comment and I am not a professional in describing ingredients, I try to give an overview anyway.

To the fragrance:
Full of joy and inner peace I opened my package with the content: Bond No. 9 Scent of Peace for him (100ml). Unfortunately, the joy evaporated very quickly.

Because the scent looked familiar to me, too familiar to me to be dear. I could hear the "Scent" of Bvlgari pour Homme (it's just my feeling), which I don't like at all.

However, for someone who likes the Bvlgari pour homme, instead of Bond No. 9 for at least 100 € less can obtain the "Doppelgänger".

The bottle: Typically stable according to Bond art

Conclusion: In my opinion, the money is not worth the money at all, since the doppelganger is already available for a flap 40€ XD

7.5 7.5 10.0/10

19 Reviews
Very well blended high quality spring summer fragrance.
I also wear Aventus.They are not very similar except pineapple note.The sillage and longetivity is high - moderate.
7.5 7.5 7.5 7.0/10

7 Reviews
Very helpful Review   
Pineapple & A Bow Tie
The female Scent of Peace is a very light and airy fragrance: Citrus, a bit black currant and cedarwood, mixed with some hedione and white musk. The result is a soft and charming fragrance. The new male version, The Scent of Peace for Him, shares some similarities with the original release from 2006, but is also very different.

The first thing I get when I spray it on my skin, is a juicy and fresh explosion of fruity and citrusy notes. You can definitely smell the pineapple, but also other crisp fruits, like apple. The first impression is: Modern, smooth and elegant. Whereas other fragrances with similar notes can turn sickly sweet or cheap and plastic like, The Scent of Peace for Him is a true quality product. It remains smooth throughout its development. As the fragrance settles on my skin, the first glimpse of the heart can be smelled. A hint of Vetiver starts to emerge. Vetiver can be a tricky note, I usually don't like it. Often it's just too rooty and green for my taste. But not always, and in some cases, it can be very pleasant, adding a rich and masculine note to a composition. That's exactly what happens with The Scent of Peace for Him. The vetiver cuts through the fruityness of the top notes and grounds them, making them feel warmer and softer. That's exactly what such juicy notes need in a fragrance: A counterpart! Otherwise they would be unbearable over time. Besides the Vetiver, the heart also contains black currant and Cedarwood. I don't smell much of the black currant, I suppose this note is blended so well with the other fruits that I can't distinguish them. But the Cedar is definitely there, drawing a line between the female Scent of Peace and the male version. The slightly woody aroma is used in many fragrances, people love its aromatic smell of wood and nature. In the womens version, the cedar is used with a very light hand, The Scent of Peace for Him features quite a bit of it, making the fragrance even more woody and aromatic. The fruity top notes start to fade after a few hours, but they never disappear entirely, but the focus of the fragrance is changing. The base is composed of moss and patchouli. These notes really shape the later development. The Scent of Peace for Him now is a very dry and earthy fragrance, with just a hint of pineapple. It literally screams: Modern Gentleman! This is a fragrance for special occasions.

I noticed that is quite similar to The Scent of Peace for Him. And indeed, they share many notes. What sets them apart from each other, is the intense, woody and dry base of Peace for Him. stays fresh and fruity all the time. So you could say that is for the day, and The Scent of Peace for Him is for the night.

I also want to adress the issue with Aventus by Creed. Lots of people accuse Bond of copying Aventus. I can't confirm this accusation. Aventus has much more moss and also an intense note that smells like ash, which is missing in both and The Scent of Peace for Him. Bond did not copy Aventus. They just followed the trend of fruity notes in masculine perfumes and created two outstanding scents featuring these fruits. I don't see why this would be copying. We could as well say that Guerlain, Lanvin, Amouage and many others copied Chanel N°5 with Liu, Arpège and Gold. All of the mentioned fragrances are aldehydic florals. But no one would call one a copy of the other. And that's the same thing with Aventus, and The Scent of Peace for Him: Same genre, different fragrances.
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Hermesh 18 months ago
Starts with a synthetic-unpleasant sweet-fresh note, and it takes a few hours until the scent becomes mildly fruity (cassis) and harmonious.+1

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