Washington Square (2010)

Washington Square by Bond No. 9
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Washington Square is a perfume by Bond No. 9 for women and was released in 2010. The scent is floral-sweet. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Amber, Bergamot, Tarragon, Geranium, Honey, Leather, Musk, Rose, Vetiver



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247 Reviews
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Not without merit
Washington Square opens with rose & geranium, and it's is a tad sweet. The opening is quite nice, and each time I try it I immediately think, "I've got to get a bottle." However, it's everything after the opening that doesn't work for me. As it dries, there's an astringent, almost aftershave like quality to it. It trends to an aromatic for a while before settling in as a pillowy amber musk.

I know many say it's on the feminine side of unisex, but I disagree. The opening is most certainly feminine. But for the rest of the life of the scent, I'd say it's on the masculine side of unisex. There are many masculine accords which I don't wear well, and Washington Square seems to have some of them.

It's interesting & unusual, and not without merit. However, Washington Square is simply not wearable for me. Ironically, Washington Square is probably the Bond which best works for me personally, and I've gone through a number of bon-tons. I appreciate the fragrances & the quality of the ingredients, but the Bond line-up is just not for me.

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I find it hard to get excited testing a new Bond no 9 perfume since I know it's going to be a perfume in a star bottle, and on the label will be a New York city name. With the exception of the giveaway names, such as Chelsea flowers, a floral, New York Musc, a musk, or New York Amber, an amber, the name and the perfume have no relation whatsoever. Chinatown is a beautiful contemporary take on a classic French genre of perfume. Nuit de Noho is a misguided derivation of Angel. Little Italy smells like diluted orange cleanser/solvent. So Washington Square, where I lived in the 1980s and never saw a rose outside of a perfume shop, smells like bergamot, tarragon and rose.

The ridiculous marketing conceit of the perfume line aside, Washington Square ain’t bad. In reverse chronological sequence, Washington Square winds up a capital-m Musk, small-w woody Rose perfume. On its way to this soft, sweet yet fairly loud finale, Washington Square shows off a brisker, stronger and more aggressive rose in the middle notes. The topnotes are in fact the most interesting part of the perfume, with a brassy bergamot topnote surrounded by a sharp, cool green touch from tarragon and geranium. Where you might expect the astringent green top notes to lead into a fairly sharp rose, and despite a touted leather note, the rose itself smells sweet.

I imagine a lot of people would enjoy the basenotes of this perfume, but for me the soft landing into the marshmallowy basenotes (Is it Amber? Is it patchouli? Is it musk?) is a letdown.

Still, high marks for a long-lasting perfume that shows a deliberate progression.

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The Signature Scent of BOTH Catherine Sloper AND Morris Townsend
Bond no 9 WASHINGTON SQUARE really does not smell like any other perfume I've tried--and I've sniffed a few... The combination of leather, tarragon, and rose--embellished with lots of other stuff not individually detectable by my nose--is in my experience unique. On the Bond no 9 olfactory map, this composition falls closest to the BLEECKER STREET and MONTAUK neighborhood, but still it is distinct.

The first time I reviewed this fragrance, I found it just slightly more feminine than masculine. Now, having worn it a number of times, I have to say that I've changed my mind. This one lies right down the middle line. In fact, it is neither masculine nor feminine smelling to my nose. This is a bizarrely asexual scent.

Nonetheless, I like it. WASHINGTON SQUARE appeals to me most because of the strange combination of notes, above all the tarragon and leather. There is something oddly addictive about this perfume. The greenishness is muted slightly, as when one mixes a bit of black into a can of kelly green paint. This makes a lot of sense, metaphorically, given that Washington Square is a patch of green smack dab in the middle of the highly congested, gray city of New York. New York is the city of shadows, the perfect setting for film noir and also stories such as that of Catherine Sloper and Morris Townsend, the protagonists of "Washington Square".

Does Catherine really love Morris? Or does Catherine only want Morris to love her so that she will feel as though she is loved? We all know what Morris wants, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with love. In fact, Morris hopes to cash in--literally--on his ability to seduce Catherine into believing that he loves her when he does not. Even Catherine's father, Austin, is jaded beyond belief, rejecting Morris as a suitor not because he is unbefitting of his daughter but because he (Austin) cannot believe that anyone as comely as Morris could possibly have any interest in his homely, boring child, who on top of being mediocre (in Austin's eyes) also stole the love of his life (Catherine's mother) away.

WASHINGTON SQUARE succeeds by refusing to play by the rules. This perfume is not about seduction, and it may be the strict antithesis of a "panty-dropper", as they say in the threads of fragrance communities less sophisticated than this one. WASHINGTON SQUARE is the scent of fading spinsters and aging dragueurs who look in the mirror and fail to see what they have become.
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