Washington Square by Bond No. 9

Washington Square 2010

02.12.2014 - 03:56 AM
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Not without merit

Washington Square opens with rose & geranium, and it's is a tad sweet. The opening is quite nice, and each time I try it I immediately think, "I've got to get a bottle." However, it's everything after the opening that doesn't work for me. As it dries, there's an astringent, almost aftershave like quality to it. It trends to an aromatic for a while before settling in as a pillowy amber musk.

I know many say it's on the feminine side of unisex, but I disagree. The opening is most certainly feminine. But for the rest of the life of the scent, I'd say it's on the masculine side of unisex. There are many masculine accords which I don't wear well, and Washington Square seems to have some of them.

It's interesting & unusual, and not without merit. However, Washington Square is simply not wearable for me. Ironically, Washington Square is probably the Bond which best works for me personally, and I've gone through a number of bon-tons. I appreciate the fragrances & the quality of the ingredients, but the Bond line-up is just not for me.

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