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07.10.2021 - 02:55 AM

I’m a big time Bond fan…

…and I was having a hard time finding this one ANYWHERE. Then FragranceNet sent me an email stating they had it in stock so I pounced immediately.

This one gets compared to Aventus a lot, but aside from the pineapple note, there really isn’t much of a similarity. This one is a nice, sweet, fruity scent that lasts and lasts. If you want to say it’s similar to anything, it’s probably one of its Bond brothers (A Scent of Peace).

The projection is good, reaching out to an easy 4ft radius, and the sillage trail it leaves behind sits for a while, marking your territory. Longevity in this (and most Bond scents) is great; going an easy 8-10+ hours.

I wish I scored the 100ml bottle, but at least I got it.

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