Tabac Doré by Bortnikoff

Tabac Doré

24.10.2021 - 11:44 PM

Yes, tobacco.... but mainly oud.

I was expecting a serious and very dominant tobacco smell, but it seems to me that the oud continues to carry a lot of weight (for me, mainly) as in all of Dimitri's creations.
In this case, the range of ouds is not on the "balsamic" side (Oud Loukoum) or on the almost butyric smell of cheese (Oud Maximus) but, despite not reaching the sweetness of Sans Fleurs with so much vanilla, he would stay in a place similar to his new Lao Oud.
If in Sayat Nova the so-called "peach" is added to that type of oud smell, here the nuance is tobacco.
It is a perfume that would make me feel comfortable and cozy like fireplaces, winter-autumnal for my taste and rather masculine.
A fairly good performance for a natural aroma, especially in lasting, it can be around 6-8 hours on the skin at least, although silage/projection is no too much after the first hour.

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