Via dei Condotti, Roma 2010

Via dei Condotti, Roma by Bottega del Profumo
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Via dei Condotti, Roma is a perfume by Bottega del Profumo for women and men and was released in 2010. The scent is sweet-green. It is being marketed by Marcoccia Profumi.
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Top Notes Top NotesMint, Artemisia, Amber
Heart Notes Heart NotesLavender, Bergamot
Base Notes Base NotesMusk, Sandalwood, Vanilla



7.7 (6 Ratings)


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7.4 (10 Ratings)
Submitted by Seren, last update on 09.06.2019.
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a Roman summer day
The "Forum Romanum" is lower than the street; one walks above a long wall and next to the flowery heads of oleander bushes of different colours that were once planted along this wall, towards the entrance.
It is advisable to buy at least one bottle of water before entering the small van: in my "Roman" time there were neither kiosks nor any kind of farming on the forum The day will be very warm again: it's "Summer in the City"!

Past columns, building ruins, lots of green and just as much herb and weed, the way leads me once more to the Palatin.
Lying above the city, far away from the traffic, and wonderfully shady and fragrant by large old trees, whose species would surely do credit to many botanical gardens.
And not only tree shadows can be found here: no, also many benches and scents inviting to stay; scented nature that can hardly be described.

Many of these scents seem to be captured in "Via dei Condotti, Roma".
A refreshingly herbaceous and yet slightly sweet spice, which is so typical of the numerous types of mint, immediately delights.
The slightly bitter touch on the other hand seems to be really due to Artemisia; it is so much green of this summery fragrance composition that the individual nuances flow into each other very well and can therefore only be perceived as a harmonious whole.
Amber warms right at the beginning; a sensual (Roman?) elegance interferes.
Lavender and bergamot are lolling in the warmth; their scent plays along in the concert appropriately and not cheekily: "Via dei Condotti, Roma" is a delightful discovery.
The base is set on subtle sensuality; this is how the three fragrances are chosen; in my opinion more would be too much: but this way the fragrance is balanced and above all wearable.
A little more vanilla or sandalwood or even musk - that would be too much!
This is something summery apartheid; not the sultriness of a Roman night.

So you can spend some nice hours with this fragrance in the green magic forest of the Palatine.
Every now and then other visitors stroll by; look down the old staircases - at that time only secured by chains -: where do they lead in the "belly" of one of the seven hills of Rome?
I don't want to know, am too sluggish and moreover the steps are too steep for me to decay - what am I looking for down there when summer is out there?!

This complex fragrance accompanies me later through the city to a stroll through the "Via dei Condotti".
She is said to have lost a lot of her exclusivity in the meantime due to various "fashion chains"; I still know her in her heyday.
There was hardly an Italian designer who wasn't represented here by a shop and in July, when "Vendita Saisonale" (if I remember rightly) is emblazoned all over the shop windows, the temptation to risk more than "an eye" is already great. The bags alone were always worth a sin!
Now in the afternoon the masses of tourists are on their way, they are photographed, in front of the famous "Caffè Greco" a little lurking around: Maybe a B or C celebrity will come by - who knows?
But the path, still accompanied by this summery scent, leads me towards the Spanish Steps.
It's really as poured out as in paintings and photos, on the other side of the small piazza, where I also knew a small, very well stocked boutique.
Climbing up after a few hours in the city in midsummer is just as exhausting as with any other staircase. Only the view of this city at each gladly inserted "rest" compensates.
When I get to the top, I'm playing with the idea of going back down this "catwalk of vanity and fashion" - I'm thinking of "Le Donne sotte le Stelle" here.
Because it is a "walking down", best accompanied by the swinging of a wide, airy summer skirt; the pure sensuality of a woman on a staircase is probably only shown to its full advantage here.
By the way, you can also jump down them well, the sandals in your hand, exuberant and in love - "la Scala di Spagna" is used to it - it doesn't bother you!

But today, after sun- and fragrance-flooded hours, it drives me over the Via Sinistra direction Hotel.
The bathtub is tempting and afterwards, wrapped in a beautiful cloud "Via dei Codotti", we go to an afternoon cocktail in the Via Veneto!
Because also that belongs naturally to the Roman summer day!

Here I thank Heikeso for the bottling of "Via dei Condotti".
I would never have thought that this would result in a day of Roman remembrance.
Thank you for this journey into the past, my dear!
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