Iris de Syracuse (2017)

Iris de Syracuse by Boucheron
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Iris de Syracuse is a popular perfume by Boucheron for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is floral-powdery. It is being marketed by Inter Parfums.

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Nathalie Lorson

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesMandarin, Pear, Black pepper
Heart Notes Heart NotesIris concrete, Jasmine, Heliotrope
Base Notes Base NotesPatchouli, Vanilla, White musk



8.2 (78 Ratings)


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7.9 (62 Ratings)
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Love on the second Riecher
There she is again, the paper iris - I smell almost nothing, spray the strip again properly. I wonder whether Iris feels lonely without her violet; or without at least having something tasty, appetising sweet to snack with her, against boredom. Keyword compensation.
The test strip then lies overnight in the car and the next day it smells when getting in, it has developed a wonderful iris scent, warm, sweet and soft. Candidate to buy.
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Greatly helpful Review    35
The beautiful flair of a venerable library...
I love the silence in libraries, a silence that can still be found today in some traditional, venerable university towns. I also like the smell of the huge wooden shelves full of books, history and stories. I like the smell of oak wood, the smell of the faded (not wood-free) paper of the books bound in linen, I like touching the hard covers and stroking them. I really love this atmosphere of learning, researching and deepening oneself. And if I enter a library today, I miss, among other things, the large drawers, the loading of which was soundlessly pulled up on rollers, in order to retrieve alphabetically ordered index cards for each book title, in order to get an independent and tactile overview of the searched work or also further books on the subject. In this way I often found surprisingly advanced literature and completely new impulses.

"Iris de Syracuse" reminds me exactly of this flair of a library with lots of paper, wood and squares that seem like oases of calm and concentration. It happens to me from the very first moment: as soon as I spray it on, the cinema begins in my head. In fact, there is even a research university in Syracuse, New York, the "Syracuse University," a private university founded in 1870.

Back to the fragrance event.
From my bottling, which I thankfully received from 'Cafénoir', I put only one very short sprayer on my wrist and I feel exactly as if I were sitting in a study room at one of the oak wood tables on my upholstered armchair and immerse myself in ancient books. i smell the yellowish faded pages, enjoy their feel while turning the pages, just these rough, strong, in my hand slightly crackling book pages, and turn them over with delight and stick my nose deep into the book.

As I read so obliviously of myself, time flies. About one or two hours may have passed and I find a surprise between two pages of the book, I discover dried flowers. They may have been in the book for several years and give me an eloquent testimony of the original owner of my exciting reading. I take the flowers, which consist of root fibres, stems and petals, at hand. Seems to me they're iris blossoms. Involuntarily I lead the flower to my nose. It smells of dust, of powder, of dryness and above all it smells of beauty, of age, of past, of spiritual experience.

Full of devotion I close my eyes, put the flower back into her book, back into the wood-scented old paper. I gently stroke my fingers over the fibres, the hard, flattened stem, and run my fingertips over each petal, which has the shape of an elongated tongue. And now I'm more intensely aware of what I found here.

Do I feel the old book with its contents, its history, its powder dust and the surprise flowers? Or smell that perfume?

Only when I open my eyes again do I know that I only have the perfume.
But even that has a long breath, has its history.
If the narrative also begins dry and powdery, ancient and wooden, it changes in the course of time, takes on a new form, becomes lively, fresh, creamy....

I like this perfume very much and I like it especially after it has rested on my skin for two hours it has penetrated into it. Then comes a vanilla sweetness, noble, subtle, witty, narrative, entertaining, flattering and cuddly. And that lasts. This Iris with the flair of a venerable library lingers in this discreet, very close way 7 or 8 hours with me and prepares me and my nose a high pleasure.

It seems we like each other, have found each other.


Dear Cafénoir, thank you very much for the delicious and generous bottling that you simply gave me. Greet ♡lich
26 Replies
8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0/10

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Helpful Review    8
Party on Syracuse
In Syracuse the indigo blue sea meets the azure blue sky. Dionysus, the happy, very hairy and well fed party god of the Greek Olympus, has just arrived on this side of the Sicilian island.
(The Romans have not yet discovered Sicily as an important and strategic point for themselves.)
He wants to find a fertile place for his followers and groupies. (Satyrs, Dryads, Nymphs and Maenads)
Pan will join as soon as the party starts and brings a handful of fauns with him. But he is still busy handing out flyers to the gods.

Iris floats on a ray of rainbow light, hand's breadth above the earth. Her hair has developed a life of its own due to the light breeze that she always carries with her and weighed in all directions.
She's wearing a lilac dress with cream embroidery. Flowers and blossoms entwine high on it.
Actually, she should still do some jobs for Demeter, but Dionysus, the charming devil, has managed to get her to put another job in between for him.
She will invite a few people so that the Gods Party will also be held in the future.......

The scent:

Starts quite citric, but loses this fresh breeze. Almost immediately, a velvety medium sweetness is added and colors the yellow orange impression in pink with cotton wool.
(The goddess Iris raises her hand)
Vanilla and creamy soft fluff are added as party guests and shimmer in brightest colours. Unfortunately, they displace the citric guests, who can only be perceived close to the wrist.
(The goddess Iris lifts an eyebrow and controls her eyeliner)
A little later you meet the jasmine, which starts dancing quite elegantly with the cotton-wool softener and the medium-heavy sweetness.
A harmonious fragrance lies on the skin and attracts the nose again and again to the place of spraying on.
(Iris unpacks her lip gloss)
And now it actually smells a little like lipstick.

The lemon-orange-grapefruit seem to have taken their courage together and enter the dance floor again.
All in all a fragrance with constant change. Always creamy powdery sweet. But sometimes more flowery, sometimes more citric. Then again more lipstick.
It lasts eight hours on my skin. In between I had the impression that the scent smells of rice pudding or vanilla rice (very slight hint and only a hint of kenzo amour)

Sillage can hang out on short notice. Depending on whether you want to shower in it. But then the sweetness rather kills.
The fragrance is reduced, but remains fragrant to 20 cm. It fits into any season, although cooler days tend to be more suitable for me.

A wonderful romantic scent. Very fragile and yet strong.
A rainbow sugar scent for the unforgettable party on Syracuse
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4.0 4.0 7.0 7.0/10

213 Reviews
Helpful Review    4
Lovely sweet velvety iris but ultimately lacks identity...
My experience with Iris de Syracuse seems to reflect that of Littlegrassstraw. The opening is ever so lovely: a tenderly sweet woody iris, with a bit of starchy yet creamy, velvety texture. I don't perceive any earthy, metallic, carroty aspects of the iris. Iris de Syracuse at this stage, embodies the olfactory equivalent of an elegant pastel purple velvet gown.

Unfortunately, once it starts to dry down after roughly 2 hours, its magic begins to wear off. A sweet ambery accord pervades the creamy iris, turning it into a candy iris with a tiny suggestion of lipstick, which reminds me of a less ambery dry down of Jacques Fath Bel Ambre. It's still lovely, but in comparison to the graceful opening, it feels rather generic and déjà-vu.

The sillage is mostly close to the skin, and the longevity is around 8 hours.

I thoroughly enjoyed Iris de Syracuse, especially that its velvety sweet woody iris opening imparts a sophisticated yet approachable elegance. The transition to the candy ambery iris is also quite subtle, making it mostly linear, easy to appreciate and versatile as well.

However, because of the intense competition of many great iris fragrances, Iris de Syracuse, as lovely as it is, ultimately feels lack in personality and identity, a problem that impacts the whole range of Boucheron La Collection. Personally, I think there are other iris fragrances able to fulfilling a similar function as Iris de Syracuse, and with more personality and creativity as well. The high price and limited availability of Iris de Syracuse also don't help.

All in all, if you love iris and would like to get hands on each and every one possible, or if you happen to be on a quest for slightly starchy and creamy sweet iris, Iris de Syracuse would be quite enjoyable to sample, even though I suspect that there are better and more affordable alternatives somewhere else.

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