Jaïpur Homme (Eau de Parfum) by Boucheron

Jaïpur Homme 1998 Eau de Parfum

13.08.2021 - 08:29 PM

The Golden Beauty

I can't deny that it took me a while to come around to this scent. Back when I was just starting out, I sniffed the edt along with Boucheron's Pour Homme (which immediately gave me Azzaro Pour Homme vibes) and wasn't convinced. It reminded me too much of waxy, rose lipstick. For the over 60 crowd, you know. Years later, when online reviewers began to sing its praises, I revisited the scent and finally understood my original pressumptions. The rosey lipstick association was gone...and replaced with something else...

From the first spray, it's essentially a cosmetic mish-mash of heliotrope, lemon, spices and florals. The vibe is absolutely that of a hand cream my mother used to use in her bathroom. That was the original association. Smells just like it. In a few minutes the citruses move WAY back and the cinnamon, clove and vanilla come through. And that's when I'm in heaven.

You see, for a couple years now, I've been searching for a perfume that smells just like my favourite brand of organic chai tea (which will remain nameless) as it has the absolute perfect balance between vanilla, cinnamon, clove, pepper, cardamom and ginger. For a long time, nothing had really come close; but when I sprayed on Jaipur edp, within a couple minutes I recognized that vanilla-and-spice combo. It wasn't the same as my beloved chai, but it damn near nailed 40% of it, adding a good dollop of flowers, tonka and some crystalline candy sparkle.

And it's that benzoin sparkle that keeps it from entering the aged waxy territory usually created from a combo of florals, vanilla and patchouli. Within about 20 minutes, a bit of the woods come through as the spices remain in harmony with the sweeter notes, but the fragrance never really wears flat. For the entire duration of the scent (which is considerable >>> 10 hours+) you get a decent pop of warm vanilla, with a few notes thrown in here and there. And it's classy stuff. Bit 90s-ish, very elegant and perhaps leaning more feminine than most masculine-targetted fragrances, but it's an absolute gem of a blend. 100% unisex and superb value; nothing short of what I would expect from Menardo.

In all honesty, I'm disappointed I never gave Jaipur edp a fair shot in the past. It's a real winner for the cool weather and a delight to wear with a sweater or turtleneck. Head and shoulders above nearly all designer releases these days, and currently available for an incredible price. I'll be sad to see this one eventually disappear from the market, probably because it doesn't smell like shampoo or bubble gum. But looking past the cheap, plastic cap that fits way too tight on the collar (a common complaint and one I heartedly agree with), it's a fantastic fragrance. Just don't tighten the cap all the way and you're golden. Autumn here we come!

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