Vanille de Zanzibar (2017)

Vanille de Zanzibar by Boucheron
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Vanille de Zanzibar is a popular perfume by Boucheron for women and men and was released in 2017. The scent is sweet-gourmand. It is being marketed by Inter Parfums.

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Nathalie Lorson

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesMandarin, Jasmine, Pear
Heart Notes Heart NotesBourbon vanilla, Peru balsam, Heliotrope
Base Notes Base NotesWhite musk, Sandalwood, Patchouli



8.3 (116 Ratings)


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8.1 (95 Ratings)
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Helpful Review    9
Vanilla? Yes, but please bitter

Well, I hardly dare to admit my humble mustard, but eyes closed and through. ;-)

Well, what can I say?! A small bottling has moved in with me for testing thanks to Mrs. Nickhun. :-) A little phioel, which almost caused cries of joy that I could test this highly praised fragrance when it was on my watch list.

I poured a few drops on my arm...
Vanilla. Nice! Creamy and unsweet.
And then it becomes tender-fruity-citric and somehow also slightly flowery. The vanilla, however, remains brave throughout and remains present. Something's bothering me here... Pear? Tangerine? The smell is not really sweet. Or just a little.

I'm uncomfortable about the way it leaves my skin... So...bitter? Patch again?! Peru balsam? No idea.
Same result with further various tests with me.

Durability and Sillage close up. I have to drive with my sniffer already close to the skin to smell something. I am beginning to get the impression that this is only the case with vanilla scents. But only with the "real vanilla" fragrances, the "squeaky vanilla" fragrances (Comptoir Sud Pacifique) are different But the breeze that blows up is definitely not mine here
Pity But: Tastes are always different. :-)
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Greatly helpful Review   
Challenge in Advent: On the way to "my" vanilla scent - 11 December 2019
Vanilla de Zanzibar is extraordinary, I think. The name alone, this opposition pair of "vanilla" and "Zanzibar", gives you an idea of how far this fragrance goes. Far beyond the mere indication of the main ingredient and its origin. Like the impressively wide wings that the eagle spreads out to fly, like the infinitely dazzling wheel that the peacock beats to show itself in all its beauty. Is it a winter scent? Is it a summer scent? Vanille de Zanzibar covers the seasons from one end to the other and fills the space in between completely. Decided undecided? No. And therefore not only sweet-gourmandig, as the description lets one believe. But fresh and summery in the beginning. Yes, Zanzibar could be that, warm palm trees on a white beach, bright, sunny warmth, a glitter on the sea that shows in the fruity initial notes. And immediately this glitter is softened by the flowery, dry spice of jasmine, which recalls the image of sand - the image, mind you, this dry warmth. Then, very soon, the vanilla comes to bear, in all its softness, gentleness and sweetness, and one is almost inclined to believe that the dream of Zanzibar was only a winter longing by the fireplace, while it storms outside and one cuddles up in cosy warmth into the seductive delicacy of the yellow winter vanilla. But then this homely feeling is touched again by the soft sounds of the flowers, a scent of spring, a slight hint of only, a warm, fragrant wind. Finally, one perceives the base that gives vanilla its stand and it became autumn, woody, earthy notes reminiscent of walks in the woods, of a golden October in which the trees smell spicy.
What a journey you can make with Vanille de Zanzibar. The fragrance is so balanced, so mild, so carried by all the notes that surround vanilla from all sides and make it shine. I think Vanille de Zanzibar can always be worn, all year round, at any time and with any feeling. To reduce this fragrance to sweet or gourmandig would do him wrong, he can do so much more. Each of its facets is fine and delicate and attunes itself to every need. I think whoever loves vanilla should definitely have this scent. Not as an all-round weapon that always fits, but as a magician who changes the effect of a chameleon according to mood and situation and adapts to the wearer. I find this fragrance extraordinarily beautiful.
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8.0 7.0 7.0 8.5/10

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Greatly helpful Review    12
another magical facet
For decades I made a wide arc around vanilla scents: they were just annoying!
So now my astonishment is naturally large, since I feel very well for some months now with the various creations around this pod.
Even if I cannot classify the origin of the fruits, I am surprised again and again, which different scent experiences come about by them
I think only of "Vanilla Absolument" by L'Artisan Parfumeur: an intoxicating mixture that I could eat with a spoon!
The delicacy of "Jour de Fête", which L'Artisan Parfumeur already hints at in the pale pink of the bottle.
Or the five elf-like vanilla creations by Sylvaine Delacourte, which enchanted me thanks to Alöx and which animated me in their differentiation to five commentaries. Every single one of them deserves it Annick Goutal's vanilla goddess conquered me quickly and persistently and now comes "Vanille de Zanzibar" from Boucheron: a brand with which I already feel very comfortable.
The pyramid alone arouses curiosity!

Here vanilla shows itself once again in one of its many facets: creamy white, creamy and generously embracing as usual, but with a fine fruity note.
Pear and Jasmine - what a dream couple! The delicate, light pear aroma is surrounded by the fragrance of large-flowered jasmine.
Ripe, light yellow pears nestle here against the large, fragrant jasmine blossoms; the dark green foliage completes a beautiful still life that could well be bedded on a layer of heavy creamy white velvet.
Mandarin delivers sparkling freshness without biting too much or bizzing before the heart note reveals itself in intoxicating beauty.
Wrapped in heavy wool-white luxuriant pleats, the sensory warming, all-possessing vanilla absorbs.
It is supported by the dark violet vanilla flower, which is not sparing with its fragrance: a horn of plenty full of additional sensuality is poured out here!
Still not enough of the vanilla-like fragrance: Peru balsam occurs!
It always shakes me lightly when I imagine that this balm is caught in rags which are then boiled out.
But anyway, the skin thing is the effect!
And he adds a very special nuance to this previous fragrance lady: balsamic, slightly bitter and ideally harmonizing through its ingredients benzoic, cinnamic acid and vanillin.
Thus "Vanille de Zanzibar" does not only develop a slightly blossom-fruity sweetness, but also gets a hint of spicy resin.
I see fine dark brown balm flowing into creamy white cream and thus drawing arbitrary patterns in it.
Maybe like golden-brown veined white marble?
Or better: aromatic-white nougat with light caramel marbling?
But whatever the imagination may draw: white musk - here even fitting to my feelings - appears and is accompanied by the slightly scratchy sandalwood and the golden beauty of patchouli.
Thus a truly intoxicating final movement is composed from all these valuable fragrances.
The conductor has learned his trade and confidently conducts his fragrance orchestra!

Boucheron's "Vanille de Zanzibar" turns out to be a vanilla fragrance creature that nestles against the skin in sensually flowing movements, conquers you and setstles down there lasciviously lolling for some time.
As noble as this vanilla goddess is her presence: she is present from the very first pear fragrance, but never loud, never annoying or even felt sticky, even though she was born from syrup or cream. A refined candy that could be dedicated to the goddess Venus.

"Vanille de Zanzibar" says goodbye elegantly and as light-footed as an air spirit: a graceful touch remains, reminiscent of hours lovingly spent together and still contains warmth.
A smile stays behind!
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